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About The GOODista 

Hello! Small lifestyle changes lead to big changes.

My own lifestyle changes became life altering. I left a full-on job, and am now a wellness and career coach, independent HR consultant and proud small business owner of Goodista AB®. I have become a fitness foodie, a mindful lifestyle change devotee, and an energetic lively person again. 

During a 20 + year career in the UN and Human Resources I supported humanitarian workers in field duty stations. I saw how it is not enough to want to Do Good – you need to Be Good to yourself, and Feel Good too – so you can give back to others.

I know how hard it can be to balance life and work, however my small healthy adjustments triggered a positive impact on all areas of work and life. Friends and family ask me what on earth I did? Simple really – I decided to Feel, Be, and Do Good – today and every day. It wasn’t an overnight transformation, nor did I do it right at every turn. I ditched the diets, and did away with fitness fads. Real food, healthy exercise, mindfulness and great tools changed my life – literally. 

The result of small decisive steps became long-lasting change. This inspired this site, my company and a deep-felt belief that anyone – anywhere can make a difference for themselves – and therefore impact the lives of their close ones and those in need.  

The GOODista® is about finding wellness and energy for every day and work (far) away. We aspire to inspire you to healthy lifestyle changes you can do to Feel, Be and Do Good with articles, coaching, tips, tools and how-to guides.

Read, book a coaching session, subscribe and get motivated…. Welcome to your inspiration to Feel, Be and Do Good again!

Cheers, Anna 

Feel Good

Build your wellness step-by step with inspirational articles about small changes that make a big difference. Get healthy recipes, wellness tips, nutrition basics, fitness guides, mindfulness techniques, coaching possibilities and tools for every day and work away. Initiate lifestyle changes you CAN do.

Be Good

Maintain your fitness, food approach, and mindset every day and working (far) away. How to make a healthy lifestyle fit into any schedule with planning, methods and techniques. Resource packed how-to guides for domestic jugglers and busy professionals. 

Do Good

Our International Work and Life section is dedicated to expatriates, humanitarian aid workers, contractors and traveling professionals with focus of access/choice challenges. Read international career must-know articles. Get tips what to bring; how to stay healthy; maintain wellness; how to deal with stress and working away partnerships. 

About The GOODista Website

Lifestyle change is possible. It starts with an understanding why you need it, real motivation to get going, and inspiration to keep it up.

Have you ever thought that you need better balance between work and life? That you want more energy? That a healthy lifestyle sounds great, but is hard because of life and work?

The GOODista is all about choice, decision and continued belief in a journey. A healthier lifestyle is a step-by-step process. One change triggers another. You can do it! 

Finding what works, self determination and time are the hardest parts – I know! Are you looking for inspiration, tools, coaching, tips and methods to take your lifestyle change forward? You have come to the right place!

The site is divided into 5 colour coded main topics (scroll on down for more):

  • Lifestyle Change – Tips, tools and how-to guides for a healthy lifestyle change
  • Food – Nutrition, metabolism and how to eat clean, real food with healthy tasty recipes for inspiration
  • Healthy Lifestyle – How your health is impacted by work and life and how to find your wellness goals
  • Fitness – Exercise and fitness tips, tools and resources packed articles about the benefits of moving
  • International Life and Field Focus – Dedicated to remotely based international expats, aid workers and travelling professionals. Tips, tools, wellness and career guides.

Start where it feel right. One lifestyle change step will trigger another. 

Welcome – Join in 🙂

Feel, Be and Do Good

5 Topics:


Healthy Lifestyle 

International Life and Field Focus

Lifestyle Change


Inspiration. Tips. Tools. How-To. Coaching. 

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