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Good food is enjoyment, and fuel for healthy living at home and working (far) away. You are what you eat, not what you avoid. The best prevention to ill-health is a balanced approach. We inspire you to savour what Mother Nature gives us, and how to avoid the traps that processed food brings. It doesn’t have to be hard. 

We don’t believe in diets. The Goodista healthy lifestyle blog promotes long lasting lifestyle change. We inspire you to eat real, clean nutritious, yummy goodness every day. Get into our articles about nutrition, metabolism, healthy eating, natural supplements and the basic concept behind a balanced healthy lifestyle. Are you looking for healthy recipes? Our recipe section is full of easy-to-make, tasty – of course healthy –  inspiration for a ‘new you’. Read, comment, share and join our mailing list. The GOODista healthy lifestyle blog believes anyone, anywhere can Feel, Be and Do Good. 



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Small lifestyle changes can become life altering. After a full-on career in humanitarian aid, I started The GOODista to inspire Wellness. As a Fitness Foodie, Mindful Lifestyle Change Devotee & Energiser I invite you to Feel, Be & Do GOOD!

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