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copyright and terms of use for The GOODista illustrated by international copyright symbol.Copyright and Terms of Use for The GOODista, the registered trademark of Goodista AB, Sweden. Unless otherwise indicated all text, pictures, inspirational musings and thoughts were created and produced by the author of this website/blog.  While The GOODista® aspires to inspire, the terms of use of the material must be respected. You are not prior to the expressed and written consent allowed to copy part of/or whole part of the website e.g. exclusively texts, pictures or layouts. 

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  • The GOODista® and, ©2013 – 2018.  The GOODista® is a registered trademark of Goodista AB. Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material e.g but not exclusively articles, reviews, comments, images, logos, sounds, and other materials on the Site, including the “look and feel” of the Site (collectively “Site Content”), wholly or partially without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited except as described below.
  • All materials despite media or form/shape are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.

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  • Quotations of any of the text material on this site, up to a maximum of 300 words are accepted as long as the text is not tampered with, and as long as a clear and visible reference to The GOODista®, and, are made together with appropriate link and specific direction to the original content.
  • The GOODista®, and, as well as the owners of The GOODista® and, reserves the right to delete any comments made by third-party on this site, containing inappropriate material e.g. but not exclusively profanity, adult content, hate-based, recreational drug-focused, joke topics, and any reference that could mean a security risk for e.g but not exclusively humanitarians, contractors, employees of UN, NGOs, and commercial enterprises in hardship, remote locations, etc.


  • The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners. Neither The GOODista® nor is responsible for any comments made. The evolution of this site and the site content, and its constant improvement may over time call for a change of viewpoint, attitude and/or opinion. The GOODista® and and its owners thus reserve the right to change viewpoint, attitudes and/or opinion.
  • The GOODista® and makes the effort to thoroughly research, make recommendations and link to information that makes sense in a given post. The links are there to complete published information. Neither The GOODista® and/or nor its owners are however responsible or liable for the availability or accuracy of such sites or resources; or the content, advertising, or products on or available from such sites or resources. The inclusion of any link on this site does not imply endorsement of the linked site. The GOODista®, and and its owners, disclaim any and all responsibility for any harm and/or infringement of any and all third-party rights resulting from the use of third-party websites.
  • The use of any Trademark or Copyrighted material is not intended to infringe any third-party intellectual property rights e.g. but not exclusively Copyright. Efforts are made to properly attribute intellectual property owners quotes and links.  Should something not be properly attributed, please contact The GOODista (click to contact).
  • The GOODista® and/or are affiliated to products and brands. If you do click on the items/products a small percentage goes towards the maintenance of this site. You do not pay anything extra by ordering products thru a click here – rather you continue to support The GOODista and Thanks! 🙂
  • The GOODista and do advertise but strive to avoid being linked to items/products that do not measure up to the lifestyle theme of this website. Anyone seeking to advertise is welcome to contact The GOODista
  • The GOODista’s and’s information are based on research, conversations with health practitioners, and personal experience with food, fitness, health products, supplements, books, DVDs, internet sites etc. It should not be taken as prescriptive advice. The GOODista® and may offer e.e but not exclusively health, fitness, nutritional and other such information, but this is designed for inspiration and information only. Neither The GOODista® nor nor their owners are certified in the fields of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness or wellness thus any information on this website does not constitute expertise, nor is it intended to convey medical advice. You should consult with a medical practitioner for advice, diagnosis, and expertise.  If you have any pre-existing condition you need to follow your medical practitioner before following any of the information / inspirational advice on this site. Neither The GOODista® nor nor their owners can be held responsible for any injury, or harm resulting from the use of the site content.

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