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Stretching is a fundamental to a fitter you. In picture logo for The GOODista website fitness category.

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Fitness and exercise tips for home and work away. How to start, maintain and keep a healthy active lifestyle every day – wherever you are. Read about how to stay fit in remote locations, and what for you can do as a travelling professional. We inspire you with researched articles with healthy lifestyle change in focus. We don’t do fads. A well balanced approach will enable to you to meet challenges in life and at work with energy, vigour and happiness. Getting in shape is something anyone, at any age, and anywhere can do. Inspiration, motivation and real understanding of why and how-to guides will get your fitness into a new level. Read, comment, share and join us.

 A healthy lifestyle change can start with a 5 minute walk every day. Every change step builds a healthier you, and once you get started you will Feel, Be and Do Good! 



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Small lifestyle changes can become life altering. After a full-on career in humanitarian aid, I started The GOODista to inspire Wellness. As a Fitness Foodie, Mindful Lifestyle Change Devotee & Energiser I invite you to Feel, Be & Do GOOD!

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