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Lifestyle change is the result of small, daily active choices. The GOODista healthy lifestyle blog motivates you with tips, tools, how-to guides, wellness coaching and resource packed advice for healthy living. Get inspired by lifestyle changes you can do every day and working (far) away. Choose to change, and change to have choices. Our well researched articles will give you a deeper understanding how you can get a healthier ‘new you’ going. 

Lifestyle change can become life altering. In the beginning all it takes is 5 minutes to eat, think, move and de-stress in a different way. New habits will form, and energy starts to sprout. You will want to know and do more. One change triggers another. You will be on your way to a permanent long-lasting healthy lifestyle. We aspire to inspire you to Feel, Be and Do Good. Read, comment, share, join our mailing list




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Small lifestyle changes can become life altering. After a full-on career in humanitarian aid, I started The GOODista to inspire Wellness. As a Fitness Foodie, Mindful Lifestyle Change Devotee & Energiser I invite you to Feel, Be & Do GOOD!

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