Are you looking for international jobs in development or humanitarian aid? You scour websites, send your CV and wait for replies. It is not so easy, I know! As a career coach, I talk to people who have lost confidence in themselves, and others who can’t seem to get traction for their applications – despite excellent experience. Also – the whole language used by the UN and NGOs throw many off. In this post, you will find tips where to look for international jobs and three top tips on how to get into the UN and NGOs.  If you’re curious about career coaching and how it can be beneficial to you? Read on to see how career coaching can support you to move onwards and forwards. (Parts of this article has previously been posted on

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International Jobs: Where Are They? 

Many find it daunting to apply for international jobs. Many say that questions start popping: Where do you start? What do international organizations look for? Do I have what it takes? 

World as a Maze to illustrate the humanitarian, aid work, international aviation job etc that demands 100% concentration when at work.If you are interested to work in the United Nations (UN), International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) or Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs), chances are that you are already familiar with the work they do. If you’re not really sure, click on the links to get a ‘big picture’ understanding. 

Maybe you even have started a job search? This is often where the challenge starts. A simple job browse deepens your sense of mystification. Some feel that UN and NGO sites seem to speak a language that baffles them. Others feel that the job ads ask for things that they’re not sure if they have or not. Have you experienced the same? Luckily there are ways to get explanations and advice so keep on reading. 

International Jobs: Job Search

It is time-consuming and confusing to search for international jobs by drilling into each organization website. Thankfully there are sites that have made it their business to help you. They collect international job vacancies, offer a search engine, and have several other added advantages too. 

Job  Search Websites

The internet is full of resources for job seekers. Here is a list of some that specialize in development and humanitarian relief jobs:

  • Impactpool – UN, NGO, IGO, European Union vacancies; search engine; free job alerts, career resources; career coaching; fellowship with premium content at low cost.
  • Idealist – Career resource articles; template toolbox; newsletter
  • Devex – International job board; career resources; membership pages at a cost; toolbox
  • ReliefWeb – Development and Humanitarian news; research articles; job board; job alert sign-up
  • DevNetJobs – International Development and Consultancy job board; membership and resume broadcast at a cost
  • UNJobs – UN, NGO, IGO, European Union vacancies

International Living develops a different view of what 'home' means, illustrated by people running around the globe.Each site offers a job board and offers various levels of support and features with a range of fees. Is it expensive? While you need to let your budget decide, my advice would be to invest in some hands-on advice as well. 

If you have a goal to work internationally in the field of development and humanitarian aid you can make a difference for yourself by getting tools, tips and real hands-on expert advice from a career coach.  

Career coaching takes you through a process of figuring out – first of all – what it is that you want from a job in general. Knowing what your values are and how these meet long-term personal and professional goals will give you direction. This, in turn, promotes focus, confidence, and access to opportunities you may not have thought about.

Do you have what it takes? Check out these books: 

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International Jobs: Career Coaching

When you invest in yourself by talking to a career coach you get options, ideas, and motivation. You enable a focused job search that can lead you on the road to success. 

International Jobs: How Career Coaching Makes a Difference in this post

International Jobs: How Career Coaching Makes a Difference

Is Career Coaching For You? 

How can career coaching help you find international jobs? You can expect:

  • Personal space to discuss your specific career goals and challenges.
  •  A new set of application tools. This includes making your CV and cover letter more compelling.
  • Translation of the UN/NGO jargon which helps you understand what each vacancy actually ask for.
  • A job search strategy that works short and long-term.
  • Interview techniques and tips on how to clinch an interview.

Overall  – you get a level of confidence that moves you onwards and forward. Still not sure? Read 5 Reasons You Need a Career Coach -HuffPost and 3 Reasons You Really Do Need a Career Coach – the muse

Career Coaching For UN and NGO Jobs

To talk to a career coach about UN and NGO jobs specifically you can turn to, who I work with. After a 20 years career in as a Human Resources Manager in the UN system, I am now a blogger, small business owner, and coach. While I do write about, and coach people in healthy lifestyle changes – I strongly believe wellness is a 360-degree balance where job satisfaction, career, and professional achievement are equally important.

Change is about challenging the road blocks, and your attitude. Read more on the a career coach, I use my experience to help people assess their professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy, and confidence. I offer a solution-oriented approach, which involves working with clients to see what concrete steps they can take to achieve career objectives.

If you’re curious how coaching can benefit your international job search read this article on Career Coaching: Making A Difference for Yourself – and Others

Read more about the Coaching Services on here: Career Coach  


3 Top Tips How To Get International Jobs

  • Plan: Where are you and where do you want to go? Figure out and formulate your goal. A coach will support you in building a job search strategy with short and long-term goals. You can explore career options, bounce ideas and test scenarios in your confidential sessions. You can find ways and avenues you may not have thought of!
  • Prepare: Start where you are: Build compelling application tools (CV, resume, cover letter, LinkedIn Profile) to use as templates for job application sites and e-forms. A career coach will provide tips, tools and give you personalized advice to draw the attention to how you come across on paper, in test interviews and then clarify methods, techniques and what to expect.
  • Persevere: Dreams, ambitions, and confidence can get bombed and bumps can appear along the road… A new take, approach, and change of tactics can make a difference.   Working with a coach will allow you to make more informed decisions about where to apply; match your career development with the trajectory you want to see and look at options and new solutions.
International Jobs and Career Coaching Work Together

International Jobs: How Coaching Will Boost Your Career

I truly believe that we all deserve a chance to make a difference – for others and ourselves. Coaching is an investment in yourself and helps you with your busy thought flow. It offers practical ways to seeing new roads, approaches, and ways to tackle the somewhat mysterious myriad of information that international organizations provide.

International Jobs: Amp Up Your Job Search

Finding a job means work. To gain an added advantage for yourself it can be worthwhile to invest in career coaching. You will get personalized advice, tips, tools and resources, dedicated time for you and your goals and the possibility to explore career options, bounce thoughts and revitalize your ambitions. The overall result generates new energy, motivation, and confidence as well as concrete steps to achieve your goals.

To change, you need to understand that it is needed, and then actively choose to change and participate in each step. You can change – but you have to believe that you can! Looking for international jobs can feel daunting. The international development and humanitarian organizations can seem unpenetrable from the outside. Thankfully you can make this journey of discovery easier by looking at dedicated job sites like Impactpool

I believe everyone; everywhere deserves a chance to be heard – and solutions to allow for this dialogue. Coaching amps up your job search as it motivates you to look at things through a different lens – and gives you concrete tools to work with towards your career goals. 

Feel free to sign up for our newsletter for tips, tools, and hints about a wellness and energy for every day and working (far) away. If you have any questions, comments or thoughts – please write to us!

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