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Stress can spur you on with adrenaline pumping positivity. Stress can also affect your mental state. To stay strong you need to listen to what your body (and mind) is telling you. In this guest article by Nina Williams, you get 9 ways how to stay mentally strong in your busy life. Stress can turn from negative to positive. Get tips how to redirect your energies, break the circle of mad multi-tasking, and what you can do to deflect the impact of stress on yourself – and therefore on others in your life. Feel, be and do good!

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9 Ways To Stay Mentally Strong In Your Busy Life by N. Williams

Stress is an outcome of a busy life. It disconnects you from your inner life and exhausts you. Your mental condition deteriorates and you become unhappy. To stay mentally strong in your busy life in 2017, follow these incredibly rewarding tips.

1- Find time to socialize

One of the problems with a busy life is that you rarely find time to interact with people. You will be following a routine without ever being able to break it.The GOODista Healthy Lifestyle Blog

The only way to connect with people is to break your routine and take out time to meet people. Improve your relationships and your quality of life will improve tremendously.

2- Take out time for yourself

When you are living a busy life, it’s important to take out time for your well-being. Spend time doing rewarding activities and pursue your hobbies. Start projects, accomplish them in your personal time and start enjoying your life more.

3- Keep fit and eat healthily

If you want to become mentally strong in 2017, be sure to keep fit and eat healthily. A strong body will help you become mentally strong.

Sometimes, your life may seem so busy that you start skipping exercise. If that’s happening to you, stop going to the gym and set up a home gym. You don’t want to miss exercise because you can’t go to a gym.Gym motivation beyond January illustrated by 2017 with weights

Your home is a great place to work out. You can buy cheap home equipment or simply do squats and stretching exercises. Read about the benefits of squats if you doubt that exercising at home won’t help you.

Eating healthy is yet another important part of staying strong, both physically and mentally. Eat a balanced diet so that you can consume all essential nutrients for optimal health of body and mind.  

4- Take breaks from your busy life

If you are living a busy life, you will find it impossible to take a break from your everyday routine. However, it’s important that you take breaks. You will become productive, and you will start enjoying your life.

When you take a break from your busy life, be sure to get away from your gadgets and devices as well, be it for a few minutes each day.

Digital detox for the mindfully mobile.

Also, don’t forget to take holidays. Change your surroundings and meet new people when on vacations. Learn something new and explore your inner self by doing meditation. You will become mentally strong, and your life will improve as a result.

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5- Learn the art of being happy

You might have a perfect life and yet feel terrible about it. You might develop the habit of remaining unhappy even when there is absolutely nothing wrong with your life. This will take away mental strength from you and fill your brain with anxiety and depression. Mood Swings that turn us in to Mood Monsters can be beaten with some concrete tips that we talk about in this post on . Illustrated by a lady on a swing going from nasty to great.

To make your life better in 2017, it’s important to learn to be happy. If, for some reason, you don’t feel happy despite having a wonderful life, start some new activities. Learn to smile at yourself while standing in front of a mirror. Join a comedy club and learn some jokes that you can throw at others when you feel bored. If that seems like too much, watch a comedy movie or show to start your morning with positive energy.

6- Deal with stress instead of giving up

You can’t run away from stress. Instead, face it head on. Learn to deal with it.

The best way to tackle stress is to understand its triggers. Mood Swings in the workplace discussed in Part 2 in this series on The GOODista. Illustrated by man stretched in different directions.When you know what triggers stress in your case, you will have more control over it. Sometimes, you can simply avoid those triggers while on other occasions you can easily manage stress when are aware of the triggers.

You will also benefit a great deal by learning about your reactions. Write them down next to corresponding stress triggers. To control your reaction, simply meditate and talk to your inner self about how you react. Promise yourself that you will improve your reaction the next time you hit certain triggers.

7- Manage your life

Sometimes, your life is busy only because you are keeping it busy. Learn to manage your time. You will notice that once you start managing, you will have more time to spend with your friends, family, and most importantly, yourself.Healthy living is a balancing act between time and life needs

Time management is a crucial skill. Learning it is easy. Write down the things that you want to achieve in life, including your daily and long-term goals. Once you have all your goals and targets in front of you, prioritize them. For longer goals, set daily or weekly milestones so that you have a sense of accomplishment.

8- Do something new

It’s important to learn to do something new every day. If you are running out of ideas, relive your childhood experiences. You will find some amazing activities that you haven’t done in a while. They will make you happy and relieve stress.

9- Spend some time in the sun

Heat and basic understanding must come together to avoid feeling bad from too much heat.If you want to stay mentally healthy in 2017, be sure to get out in the sun for some time every day.

When natural light hits your body, it stimulates the release of ‘happiness’ hormones in your brain. The natural chemical balance in your brain will improve, and you will become mentally strong.


Guest Blog Author Nina Williams

Nina helps people to live a happy and healthier life. She is an established Health and Fitness author and editor of She also loves writing about people and inspirational stories.

The GOODista healthy lifestyle blog logo.

Stress: Lifestyle Changes You Can Do

The foundation of a happy, healthy life comes from balance. When body and mind are in sync you feel good. When you feel good you realise that it is worth it to be good to yourself, and continue to have energy for all that life and work asks of you. Once you get to the level of being good you enable yourself to do good in your interactions, work and overall life. 

In our busy lives the above is easier to say (and write) than actually do. This is why we started The GOODista. We speak from the experience of realising that wellness and balance always seemed to fall on the back burner in super stressed work lives.

My 20 years in the UN were challenging, rewarding and also utterly stressful. By defusing the triggers that brought stress – through a step by step lifestyle change plan – I found inspiration to share how you can do small lifestyle changes that improve health, happiness and productivity. The GOODista is about how you can Feel, Be and Do Good.

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