Christmas is a time of joy, memories, sharing and caring. Christmas is also a time of loneliness, isolation, and of feeling further away from ‘home’ than ever.  Here are some ideas how you can share, give joy and send thoughts to all those near and far – wherever they are. Christmas Reindeers lost with word atlas.

Give a gift that keeps on giving to those in needChristmas with a Difference – Near and Far

Christmas is the time to share our daily lives with others – near or far – with thoughtful greetings, gifts and donations. You can make a real difference in the lives of others also, which is double the joy. 

Christmas with a Difference, Christmas Tree handmadeMany of us live and work away from that place called ‘home’. For us celebrating Christmas comes with invented dishes instead of the traditional ones; Christmas decorations made up of whatever you can call festive; and hopefully precious messages from ‘home’ that make Christmas become more real. 

Christmas with a difference – Greeting cards for loved ones Near and Far

Christmas greetings is a tradition that is almost on the way out – replaced by emails, Facebook and Twitter. Such a shame that is, and rather selfish to those are not so social media savvy – or have internet connection. Christmas with a Difference is sharing joy with others illustrated by Christmas card

For those that live far away from family and friends – and have access to snail mail delivery – to receive (and send) cards is such a treat. It warms the heart, brings a smile on a busy day. It also allows you to stop for a few moments and think about the good things in life, to put a pause – and be mindful that friends and family are thinking of you.

Christmas cards from Amazon is a great place to order your greeting cards from, and get them off yourself. A Company that thought of adding the ‘writing and sending part’ is ‘The Greeting Cards Company‘. They have a great selection of cards, handwriting service, delivery – and the best part is that you can donate, to a charity of choice, during your check out!

You can also find greeting cards that are and make a difference – double joy!: Give a gift that keeps on giving to those in need

Christmas with a Difference – Gifts that keep on giving

The internet is a great place for many things, and on-line ordering is at the top of my list.   Sit down at your computer and order away – gift wrapping, cards, and delivery – all taken care of in time for Christmas.Christmas with a difference, The GOODista Recommends

The GOODista is affiliated with – and this is my go-to place for sending gifts to those near and far.

You can also consider giving gifts that keep on giving – and here are two picks:

Share your new-found joy in lifestyle change with others, and give thoughtful presents to those near and dear that also deserve a boost of energy. You can find that The GOODista has suggestions , that fit well in for those you care about!The GOODista - lifestyle change for wellness and energy

For those that work in isolated locations, remotely, with little access to twinkling lights – the gifts are often more appreciated if practical in nature. Here are some favourites this year for field workers such as humanitarians, transporters, air crews etc: