Lifestyle change – what is it for? Why lifestyle change matters will become apparent when you read this article. Have you ever felt like you were ‘doing good’ by supporting others, and ‘being good’ for doing so – yet not quite feeling good?  You can turn this around by setting some simple lifestyle health goals every day, and actually doing something for you – not others – just you. You decide, you choose. It’s your life after all. 

Why Lifestyle Change? For Every Day and Work Away

This website and blog is intended as an inspiration for everyday. Especially if you are based in a remote location working as a humanitarian, contractor, UN / NGO employee, transport provider etc you may want to read on.

Why lifestyle change? Wellness is the goal. To get there you need to get or maintain a level of fitness through food, exercise, mindfulness, sleep and stress reduction. Can you do that in your everyday life, and / or if you work remotely in a challenging environment?  A few clever tips go a long way.

Excuses, time pressures, competing deadlines and conflicting situations provide challenges that can be beaten.  A decision to take a first step, the setting of lifestyle health goals , and the realisation that this is an investment for life.

Why lifestyle changes? and How? man standing in a three ay crossing scratching his head.

Why Lifestyle Change?  For Health and Wellness

Burning your life from both ends is an expression that is so true in our everyday existence. Especially so if you work in an area where you support others all day long. The beneficiaries make it worthwhile, of course.

Yet – when health issues and stress symptoms take over one has to ask oneself, if it is not time to move on.  The latter is when one has reached a certain stage. But, before you get to such a level there is one very essential question to ask oneself. Can I do something now to get a different outcome? New energy, and focus?

Why lifestyle change will get its answer step by step as you get a better health, energy and reap the benefits of enabling every part of you to feel, be and do good. 

Learning to read the signs of stress, burnout, health signals is not easy. You can find a number of excellent articles on the internet, and a few are available under The GOODista recommends. These can motivate you to find a why, and a wish to move on to a different way. A health check up can be another strong signal to change things around.

Why lifestyle change? Simply understanding and gaining knowledge on what the relationship is between our health and lifestyle is the strongest motivator for most.

Why lifestyle change? It was the combination that led me to change  food, exercise, resting and ‘relaxing’ habits. The impact this has had on my overall wellbeing, appearance and energy levels led me on a road to becoming The GOODista.

The GOODista - lifestyle change for wellness and energy

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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barak Obama

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