Simon's Run For Life2016 London Marathon is cancer survivor Simon’s new goal. Simon fought cancer, and got the all clear when the London Marathon 2014 was on. Simon decided to run in support of Cancer Research UK in the London Marathon 2015. It would be his way of telling the world how supporting cancer research makes such a difference. Seeing the runners in 2014, and ever grateful for the gift of life – the motivation bubbled in him to get going with training. Simon shared his story with The GOODista: Simon’s Run For Life. He pushed on with his training – until he got injured. Not being able to run in 2015, hasn’t stopped him. He is back for London Marathon 2016 – more motivated than ever to run in support of Cancer Research UK. The GOODista readers will have the honour to read his posts regularly, as he shares his training year with us. don’t miss the updates: Subscribe Here

Run for life is more than a marathon. Read Simon's story on Illustrated by man running into goal.

2016 London Marathon: Simon’s Run For Life Again

Simon – a commercial pilot and ski instructor – is used to setting goals, working hard and achieving them. This mindset helped him fight the biggest battle of all: Cancer. 

Simon’s Support of Cancer Research

No matter what the circumstances of your life Cancer leaves no-one untouched. You Good Rest is part of getting a healthier life, and saying stop and setting boundaries is key. Illustrated by a Stop Sign.might be in this fight for life yourself, or know someone who is (or did). Cancer doesn’t discriminate as it hits all ages, countries and status. There are a lot of myths around Cancer, and this page is an important read: 10 persistent cancer myths debunked.

What is known is that you can make a difference by leading a healthier lifestyle:

 More than 4 in 10 cancer cases could be prevented by lifestyle changes. (Cancer Research UK)

As a Cancer survivor, Simon decided to run London Marathon 2015 to support Cancer Research UK. His drive and passion for the cause pushed him on — until he got injured. Now he is getting back on his feet, and preparing for London Marathon 2016 and this time he will share his training year with us. This is what Simon shared with us:

London Marathon 2016: I Am Running Again! by Simon Bush 

As you no doubt read ‘Simon’s Run For Life‘ on The Goodista – you know I have been training for the London Marathon 2015. I set myself the goal of running it to prove to myself that I could get fit again after undergoing both Chemo and Radiation therapy for Prostate cancer.
I would be doing the marathon one year after finishing my treatment. I was very lucky to be given January and February off from my business jet company employer, as I had accrued holiday while ill. Back in my home in the Italian Alps, I was soon back skiing to full form but knew that I also had to get running. That wasn’t all that easy when living in -10c with a lots of snow on the ground. However with motivation to get going, I soon found myself clocking up the Kilometres running up and down the valley.
London Marathon preparation in winter time, illustrated by runner in snow.
It was great to be out and feeling fit again. By the end of January I had done a 16 km run and was clocking up between 30-40 km a week. I could feel the progress, and had my training plan all set, along with my healthy food and all the support of my partner.
Then one day I was out on a short 8km run and I felt my knee go. All the literature on running says if something starts to hurt – listen to your body.  Luckily, I did just that when I felt the pain, and walked home 4 kms in -5c. I called the local ski clinic, and by the time I got there my knee had swollen up.  
London Marathon 2016 is the goal despite knee surgery as seen in this picture taken by cancer survivor Simon Bush. Read for more.

Marathon 2016? Yes! 

After an MRI the diagnosis was in: I had torn my meniscus and would need an operation. 

With a heavy heart I rang Cancer Research to tell them that I would have to pull out of London Marathon 2015. I felt I had let everyone down, and was devastated. 
Cancer Research however gave me hope (again!). I would be allowed to defer my place, and run in London Marathon 2016! The motivation came back, and I was already planning my new training year as I prepared to go in for surgery. 
The week of the London Marathon 2015, I found myself having a knee operation. The medical team came back with great news: I would fully recover, and as I am writing this I am already on my feet again, and feeling good. I hope soon to be running and I will keep you all posted on my progress here on The GOODista.Run For Life Logo. Run for life is Simon's marathon challenge in support of Cancer Research UK. Click to Donate. Read Simon's story on

London Marathon 2016: Support, Follow and Donate

We celebrate Simon’s commitment, drive and passion for what is ultimately a goal for us all: Fight and beat cancer. Cancer can hit anyone at anytime. Support Simon and Cancer Research UK. Read the updates on The GOODista (Tip: subscribe) and find our how Simon progresses with his training, healthy living habits and most of all how he continues to support Cancer Research UK.
London Marathon 2016 is Simon's Run for Life in Support of Cancer Research Uk, illustrated by Awareness Ribbon. Read more on

Support & Donate

Simon’s Run For Life was one of the most read posts last year on The GOODista. Your donations made a difference: Half a million lives have been saved in 30 years thanks to cancer research.  If you are thinking of donating, don’t think – just do. It gives life: Contribute to Cancer Research

This year Simon’s Run For Life is ongoing. The goal is London marathon 2016, and we will follow Simon through his new training year.Follow the updates, and get them directly in your inbox by signing up.
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