Run for life is cancer survivor Simon Bush’s London Marathon 2015 challenge. Run for life is so much more than a marathon. It is a driving force. Run for life is Simons way to say thanks to a life of fitness that helped him survive cancer.Run For Life Logo. Run for life is Simon's marathon challenge in support of Cancer Research UK. Click to Donate. Read Simon's story on Run for life is how Simon helps others get a cure when desperate news hits. You can make a difference too. Run for life donations go directly to Cancer Research UK. Simon is dedicating his marathon run to his mother, who got her cancer diagnosed in 2012. One year later Simon got the same terrible news. Run for life is about inspiration, motivation and real drive to survive to help others. Run for life is your opportunity to make a difference. Every cent counts. You can help Simon run for life: his life, his mother’s — for cancer victims, survivors and suffers around the world. London Marathon 2015 is Simons Run For Life – Let is be yours too! 

Run for Life: Simon Survived Cancer

Simon has always been fit. He was a Ski Instructor, and then trained to become a commercial Pilot. He has always been a runner, and enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle. That he would get cancer seemed unbelievable, but cancer can happen to anyone. Fitness and lifestyle can have a major impact on your survival.

Run for life is Simon's London Marathon challenge and drive to get donations for Cancer Research UK. An inspirational story about life, fitness and drive. Read more on

1 Week After Finishing Chemo

Simon says: Being fit will not stop you getting cancer but it will sure make it a lot easer to deal with. 

Simon got his prostate cancer diagnosis in July 2013. Simon and his Doctor are convinced that his healthy lifestyle helped battle the big C in combination with hormone treatment, 18 weeks of chemotherapy followed by 7 weeks of radiation therapy. Simons absolute drive not to give up spurred him on during chemo and radiation treatment. He ran, ate the occasional post chemo steak, but mainly stuck to his vegetarian diet. Overall mental awareness, meditation and running took Simon through chemo into brighter days – his health numbers responded to the aggressive treatment in combination with a sound lifestyle. 

Simon says While going through chemotherapy I found meditation a huge help. Although I had done it for years I found it harder to relax and ended up using the Headspace App to help focus the mind. Two interesting points: The year before diagnosis I virtually stopped eating meat. I just went completely off it, and all I wanted to eat was vegetables and fruit. The third day after chemo I had a craving for steak and went out and bought a huge steak….lol. Now I eat a mainly vegetarian diet again.
Also while doing chemo I could not drink enough water: some nights I was drinking 15 mugs of water a night!! I have found hydration to be hugely important to my energy levels.
My goals through the process was to keep active and doing things to the best of my ability: I went to exhibitions, museums and art galleries. I went walking, ran and cooked. I never once spent the day in bed.


Run For Life: London Marathon 2015 Challenge

Run For Life Logo. Run for life is Simon's marathon challenge in support of Cancer Research UK. Click to Donate. Read Simon's story on

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One year on – Simon was given the all clear on the same day the London Marathon went through in 2014. Seeing the runners gave Simon a new goal: ‘Run For Life‘ was born. A dedicated run for others that may get a cancer diagnose one day. Simon aims to collect £ 5,000 to contribute to Cancer Research UK as real hope of survival comes with increased funding for research.

Run for Life is Simon Bush's London Marathon challenge and drive to set donations for Cancer Research UK. Simon's story is about inspiration, fitness and drive to live. Read more on

Simon Today

Running has always been part of Simons life, and a healthy lifestyle part of who Simon was. With a body ravaged by chemo, and the shadow of his mothers cancer hanging over him, it was not an obvious choice to start a full on training schedule. The decision to run the London Marathon 2015 gave Simon hope, a goal and renewed energy. 

Simon says: I saw the London marathon when I was finishing radiation therapy and thought that will happen again in 1 year….so I have a year to get fit enough to do it. Enrolling gave me the motivation to get fit again and it will help others. Also I wanted to dedicate the run to my mother and other friends who are also battling with cancer.


Run for Life: Making a Difference 

Run for Life is Simons motto to collect funds for Cancer Research UK. You can make a difference by donating too. The GOODista team have contributed as we know that every cent, euro, penny and pound will make a difference. Research will bring a cure to cancer one day. We need real belief and Simon brings hope, motivation and inspiration – which fuels The GOODista team to do everything we can to help him reach his goal. 

Run For Life Logo. Run for life is Simon's marathon challenge in support of Cancer Research UK. Click to Donate. Read Simon's story on

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Simon says:  I have a deep belief in living life and in trying to help others lead as full-filling lives as possible.  Even when it doesn’t seem possible. Supporting me is about helping people who in the future will get cancer. You can find out that you, or a loved one, has cancer at any time. The treatment you get will make the difference between life and death. By giving you are helping me to help others.


Run For Life: How YOU Can Make a Difference

This is how you can make a difference: 

Run For Life: Training For London Marathon 2015 

Simon is back to his professional flying career, and on tour he runs as soon as he touches down. Work, run, eat, sleep, run, work….

Run for life is more than just a marathon challenge. It is about finding a cure for cancer, as illustrated by running figure. Read more on thegoodista.comSimon says: Time off is running, eating, sleeping…tough but not impossible. I am training to run the London Marathon on April 26th 2015. It’s a big challenge as it will be one year after I completed treatment. I will be running for Cancer research UK trying to raise £5000 to help others get a cure for their cancer as others have helped me.

Having London Marathon in his sights spurs him on, and the real reason for running is not just to say thank you for the healthy lifestyle that helped him through a narrow corridor into a very real goal: Life.Run for life is more than a marathon. Read Simon's story on Illustrated by man running into goal.

Run For Life: ‘Don’t Put Stuff Off’

Simons real reason for running the marathon in London on 26 April 2015, is about so much more: It’s about giving to You, Your neighbour or Your mother who may one day hear dreaded news.

Run for life is about sharing the hope that surviving cancer is possible, and real scientific research for a cure a must.

Give a gift that keeps on giving to those in needSimon says: I learnt from my Cancer that life is fragile. Now I try to make the best of every day and tell people I care about them. I try not to put stuff off.

Don’t put stuff off! Share this story – Donate to Simon’s Run For Life

Run For Life Logo. Run for life is Simon's marathon challenge in support of Cancer Research UK. Click to Donate. Read Simon's story on thegoodista.comThe GOODista team is dedicating this story to Simon, his family and friends — and to anyone who needs hope and inspiration. If you have an inspirational story to share, let us know.  Feel, Be and Do Good by sharing lifestyle changes that make a difference!

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