Happy healthy 2015 is what I wish for all of The GOODista readers. How do we get to a state of happy healthiness? Is it the goals that we set, the plans that we make, or the steps on the way that makes for a year-long journey of satisfying accomplishments? Yes, to a degree it is all about making changes that make a difference.  A new you for a new year? More so it is about being realistic. Making New Years Resolutions that work. How to keep it simple and smart is what we look at today. A Happy Healthy New Year mission statement that you can live with — everyday and when working (far) away.Summer can be Holiday or Helliday - Make it Wow instead by not planning so much as illustrated by the relaxing frog.

Happy Healthy 2015: What To Change?

Change or same old? Confront your excuses, guilt and wishes to realise what you can yours. Illustrated by figure walking a new road away from the group.As 2014 rolls over into a new year, it marks a natural point for many to reflect on what has been, and what will come. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? That is a way to set goals, but can also create unnecessary pressure. How many times have we not promised to travel to the moon, and not even reached the tree tops? 

Change is not something that anyone can tell you to do. You know what you need and want. Wellness have many dimensions, and it is not up to someone else to press upon you what needs to be done. Your choice is simply to change – or not. You decide what is working in your life, and what you can do differently. 

Happy Healthy 2015: Your Choice to Change 

Happy Healthy 2015 means setting realistic goals, and to be nice to yourself as illustrated by the words on this pin. Starting a healthy happy road into the new year can be to set one goal only. Not one that you know will be too hard to achieve, but a mission statement for your year ahead. For example if you say that you want to be healthier in 2015, you have set something that you want to aim for. Don’t go running a 5K on January 1st though as that will send you into an emergency ward, if you’re not careful. 

Be nice to yourself, and very realistic when you look at where you are now. Don’t say to yourself that you must lose weight, should run, or practice yoga. Say something more positive. Say that you want to Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good. A mission statement of sorts to get into a healthier way of thinking. Being good to yourself starts with feeling good about things you achieve – for you. Only when you are able to say: “I am Happy!” will you be able to share and do good for others too. Turn your mission impossible into: Mission: I’M Possible! 

 Mission I’M Possible: Happy Healthy 2015

Happy Healthy 2015 inspirational words found on pinterest.comStart simple. Take it step by step. One day at a time. Month by month you will build up a healthier you, which in turn makes you happier. Make 2015 the year where you are possible!

Here is one way to set a mission to get healthier: Aim to eat less processed foods in January. Go walking for 15 minutes every day in February, and give yourself a ‘white week’ (no alcohol) in March. Come April, you will feel the effects of the cumulative healthier inputs and can book yourself a well deserved rest away. May, June and July can see you getting into seasonal cooking, and come Metabolism is no mystery. you need to keep muscle mass to keep it happy and lean. Here a hamster lifts weights.August you will walk for 30 minutes every day. September will ask you to join a gym perhaps so you can keep up your newfound stamina, and October will be your month for reflection and a meditation session. November will see you increase your gym visits for 1 time a week to 2. By December you can reap the rewards for a year of being healthier and have yourself a happiness month to do absolutely what you want. 

Make this your year where you are possible! Feel, Be and Do Good!

Happy Healthy 2015 from thegoodista.com to all of our readers. Illustrated by Julien Tromeurs Famous Frog found on shutterstock.com

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