Top ten tools to get your New You going! Top tools that make a real difference when you set your goals for a New You. Top products, food items, apps, and supplements that Top ten tools to start lifestyle changes. Key choice? You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way - J. Freeman Facebook  make a real difference to a lifestyle change challenge.

A New You means lifestyle changes that last. Lifestyle changes need tools that make that first step fun, motivating and encouraging. The Top Ten list has been tried, tested, and matched against similar products.

Did you know that you have cosmos on your side? January 2014 has two super moons. This cosmic sign means that a ‘New You’ really is on the map for 2014 – Great! The goal is to Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good – and now you can start to really Feel It, Be it and Do it!

New Moon – New You!

2014 starts off with a rare cosmic occurrence. January will have two so-called Super Moons. The first one on January 1st, and the second one on January 30th. What a super chance, to start a super change, with a super moon!New Moon, Super Moon to illustrate New You

It’s the first time in 19 years that a new moon coincided with the New Year. Falling so early in the year, it created a well-defined line between 2013 and 2014. A New Moon is all about new beginnings and a fresh start. You can pick and choose what to take with you from the past, and wipe the slate clean and start the New Year, A new you! At your own pace, step by step and looking ahead!Top Ten Tools for your New You illustrated by happy figure on a Top 10 writing

Top Ten Tools for your New You 

  • Absolute must for me has been to understand what works and what does not.
    This book about Health and Fitness, by Dr. Philip Maffetone has become a bible as it really makes you understand the real reason behind lifestyle change: A long and healthy life! (Click on the pictures to get directly to the site – affiliate link – but you pay no extra!)
  • Pilates – what an Exercise starter! At first I thought it was a fad, until I realised how it really builds you up from the inside – out! There are many fitness DVDs out there. Some are really silly, and the moves seem impossible. This one however, I come back to again and again. It is simple, easy and really gives you a great introduction to Pilates. I really recommend Pilates for Dummies. If you have not come across the ‘For Dummies’ series before – do not let the name/brand fool you! – it is an excellent way to learn new things!
  • Measure and track! That makes the efforts so much more fun. You also know where you stand, and the progress you’re making.
    I love my Fuel Band by Nike! At first I thought it was way too expensive, but then as a reward for my efforts I got it – and now ware it everyday, everywhere, and really get super motivated from it! 
  • To get going with what is good for your nutritionally, I can recommend reading about Super foods – and rather than writing it off as some diet or fad – really read the chapters and understand that it is about nutritionally dense foods, that make us healthy and energised. Understanding about foods and trying the recipes are fun, and BOY! do I notice how much better I feel! 
  • When you get going with health foods, and exercise your body starts to change. You lose weight – a nice side effect, perhaps!:) To change you need a range of productsTop 10 of 2013: The visible difference through top skin care products and supplements and supplements that match the higher quality lifestyle you now seek. I use and recommend Nuskin – which really stand out against other beauty and supplement ranges, as it makes your skin not only look younger – but really feel tighter, moisturised and most of all: The compliments will shower over you! Click on the picture and get to a site where you can get them delivered right to your door – even when you live remotely!
  • The right clothes for fitness and exercise do actually make a difference!
    I used to think that any old T-shirt and shorts would do. Then I realised what a difference the new materials make when you walk, do Pilates, jog, bicycle – or whichever is the preferred form of exercise. Nike has an amazing range of ‘dri-fit” sports clothes that breathe, leaves you dry, and look so nice that that alone encourages you!
  • When living away from organic stores, well stocked supermarkets, and health shops you can can still buy your favourite health foods delivered to you on a regular basis. I subscribe to The Amazon Grocery section, and get a my health products delivered every two months. My husband takes them with him on mission (he works in the middle of the Sahara), and I use them every day in our foods. A favourite is the Linwood variety pack of milled seeds which I recommend warmly! 
  • Music is key. It helps you keep the beat when moving around; it keeps you company when cooking, or sitting around in your ‘container living’ – and most of all helps you to relax after a long day. When you travel a lot you need to keep size in mind, and I have come to love the sound from the Nano iPod! Amazing that such a small thing can have such a sound! 
  • Stress, sleep deprivation, feeling low and overwhelmed – these are all symptoms that we recognise in our daily lives.
    It sounds almost crazy that we need to learn how to relax! But, yes – simple relaxation techniques are very helpful when you need to wind down, get to sleep – and when applied regularly you will become as aware as I did of how effective they can be – and how much better and rested you feel! 
  • List for your New You, Hire The GOODista illustrated by pen in swirlLast – but definitely not last – is getting yourself a simple wellness ‘to-do’ list that you can tick off – and keep integrated with all your other ‘must-dos’. Download an App for free – or pay little – which can integrate into your calendar. Whether you are Mac or Android user find one that works for you! I use MyNetDiary – which combines food, exercise and health information. Track, and feel good. You’ll be amazed how much you can actually accomplish during a day. A walk takes but 30 minutes a day – and you can do this in 5 – 10 minute sessions. An exercise DVD can be divided into 10 minutes active sections that you can do whenever it suits your schedule – and to cook a really nutritious meal takes no more than 10 minutes either! Once you start looking at your to-do and integrate it with your time schedule you will find that all you have more time than you thought – to Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good – all for a long, and healthier life! 


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