Good Food on The GOODista website illustrated by fruits and logo.Junk Food Jungle Tactics are easily deployed to stay on the right side of Health. You know what is right, but a clever food industry has made it harder than ever.  Today most foods you buy are processed, and as such ‘junk’ for your body. Processed or Junk Foods are a jungle of unquestionable health issues, debates, and alternatives. To stay healthy you need not be a stealth Eco Warrior. You simply need these 10 easy common sense Junk Food Jungle Tactics. Feel free to comment, share and join our mailing list



Junk Food Jungle Tactics: Win for your Health

Junk Food Jungle is the reason why the No 1 Killer of this generation are diseases provoked by processed foods, as illustrated by man struggling with a heap of junk food over his head

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Junk Food (which also means waste, garbage and rubbish), refers to their low nutritional value. Junk or Processed Food is high in calories, sugar, fat and salt. Processed foods also contain additives, flavour enhancers, colouring and genetically engineered ingredients. To get yourself into Junk Food Jungle Tactical mode, you need to get to know The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Junk Food Jungle Tactics: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Getting healthier is not that hard. Time is also not an excuse any more. Getting sick is a very real risk, which you certainly do not have time for, right? Of course, in today’s pressure cooker world temptation, and time, rule the day. You have to start with small steps. How to get a healthier life is a question of decision, discipline and organization. A few common sense time saviours for yourself, your family and your health make a difference.

Junk Food Jungle Tactics: 10 Ways to Win the Health Game

  • Health Matters illustrated by a heart made of vegetablesThere are two types of foods: Junk Foods and Real Food. This should be your main principle. Real Foods are Vegetables, Fruits, Whole grain, unrefined salt, raw sugar or honey, spices, natural dairy products, farm breed chicken and meat, and non-farmed fish. The rest is more or less processed. Let Real Food become your main guide when you shop or order out. If you want to read more about Real vs Unreal Food, Michael Pollan’s Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual is a real treat to digest, and makes light of a difficult subject. 
  • Healthy Living is no secret and you have the key to startGet Supermarket Savvy: Fresh Foods is what you want, and they are in the perimeter of the supermarket. Vegetables and Fruit are often the first you see when walking into a supermarket. Ounce by Ounce, and Gram by Gram it is cheaper and healthier to pick them yourself, rather than buying them ready-cut, or plastic wrapped. Get your bread, fish, chicken and meat from the bakery, fish and butchery counters – and think of them as separate stores. Ask the staff for whole grain, non farmed fish and farm-breed chicken and meat. The processed goods are in the inside aisles, so stay clear unless you know your labels. 
  • Junk Food includes all Processed Foods, ilustrated by this Cereal LabelLearn to Read Labels. When buying packaged or processed foods, look for ingredients that you recognise or know. Avoid any foods with too many ingredients. If you cannot understand what these are, or even pronounce them – ask yourself if they are good for you. Rule of thumb is to avoid any foods that have five or more ingredients as these are likely to be preservatives, refined sugar and salt, poor quality oils, and other additives. Label reading takes a bit of learning, but you will soon get used to it.
  • Health Matters illustrated by cartoon superhero indicating need to love oneselfThe Bad & The Ugly: Go for ‘The Good’ and limit ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’ (see above). Read about health foods, get inspired and make treats social and limited. Small steps bring big changes. Check out this post on The GOODista – How to get a healthier life – Good Food
  • Healthy Alternatives to Salt & Sugar: To get off your salt and sugar addiction, and Children’s natural wish to have candy, sweets and cakes Junk Food Jungle Tactics are needed to tackle what is in all foods we buy today, illustrated by super sized Hamburgerfind recipes that can satisfy the sugar & salt cravings. Make it special and fun. Check out The GOODista for healthy alternatives for those ‘must-have’ moments. 
  • Fast Food Restaurant Ration: Stay away from fast food restaurants as much as you can. When you go to a sit-down restaurant, try to order meals like chicken or fish, cooked or steamed vegetables, salad, or anything that is as close to its natural form as possible.
  • Learn to Cook again (with your kids): How to get a healthier life illustrated by children playing under a ballon.Make a fun day each week to make dinners and freeze. Get portion packs and save time later in the week ( See below for great storage boxes). You will know what you eat, and less likely to order takeout if you already have a nice, healthy meal at home. Better for you – Better for your Budget too :)! Cooking healthy for Children may take a bit of practice — and children can be picky with ‘the green stuff’ — so it is worth investing in some new and clever cook books. Click on the highlighted link above for ideas. 
  • Healthier Life, Healthy Living Secret is no secretHonesty Pays: Look at the food you have at home. If you want to be healthier, be honest with what you are eating now. Decide to get rid of any processed ready-made ‘food’ that is in a box, container, or can. These items are all full of preservatives and loaded with sodium. Make sure you donate it to a food shelter, or eat it in smaller doses until it’s gone, and you are mainly eating whole real foods. 
  • How to get a Healthier Life Part ii covers Good Food, illustrated by fresh vegetables.Cook yourself to Health: Gather healthy recipes. Look online for “Mediterranean”, “Primal” or “Paleo” recipes, which use only whole foods. This is the easiest way to eliminate processed food from your diet. You can also get great inspirational cookbooks. (Check out below some that The GOODista recommends). 
  • Junk Food is the No 1 Killer of this generation due to the diseases it provokes as illustrated by the head made up of Junk FoodLast but not Least: Lead by Example! Remember when your parents told you not to smoke, while puffing on a cigarette? You need to hold back on your own fast food and take-out meals too, so that your children will learn and understand that these are foods to only eat now and again. It is so easy for our generation to fall back on what we perceive to be time-saving, great tasting foods. With more understanding of what Real Food is, and how you can start on living a healthier life, you can use your Junk Food Jungle Tactics also on yourself. Check out the guide below and Feel Good about your New Healthy YouJunk Food Jungle starts with a guide to a healthy life as seen here.

If you have some tips that you want to share on how we can deploy Junk Food Jungle Tactics, please use the comment box below. 

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