How to get a Healthier Life with the 5 x 5 Success Plan? All it takes is 5 minute boosts picked from 5 Lifestyle change areas. Sounds promising, right? This is a realistic plan. You pick and mix it up. To fit you, and your life β€” on your way to a healthier life. 

Healthier Life Success plan is a lifestyle key choice switch - change or stay the same!How to get a Healthier Life: Pick and Mix Success Plan 

You have decided to change lifestyle, and need a recipe for success? The 5 x 5 plan kick-starts lifestyle changes. Stick with it for 5 x 5 = 25 days. Feel it, Be it and most of all Do it!

How Change becomes Habit 

Healthier Life by the 5 x 5 Success plan. Lifestyle changes are a good feeling - illustrated by happy face road signNo short-term diet or fitness fad will promote change. Change happens when a new habit has formed. This can take a while, and there is no guarantee that it will take 25 days only! For some, it takes less, and others longer. What is sure is that change will happen, and you will feel this change in body, mind, and spirit. You will want more, I can guarantee that! 

By making small tweaks to how you eat, move, sleep, think and drink you will start to change.  Step-by-step you get into new habits. With new habits come new health desires, and you will be ready to step it up. It is a great sensation to Feel Good again! And – when you Feel Good – you can Be Good – and then you are ready to Do Good, too! πŸ™‚

Top Ten Tools for your New You, New Year, New You, Lifestyle change, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Relaxation,5 x 5 Success Plan for a Healthier Life

The GOODista’s kick-start 5 x 5 success plan for your New You, simply means that you decide what suits you, and your life.  The 5 GOOD Lifestyle change areas are:

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    Good Mind – Mindfulness

  • Good Moves – Exercise and Fitness
  • Good Food – Healthy Eating 
  • Good Hydration – Drinking Habits
  • Good Rest – Sleep and Stress

Each area has 5 tips, that take 5 minutes of your time. The list is by no means exhaustive and is there to inspire you. 

Part I of this series is here below. Check back for more – and better still:  Join our mailing list for new inspiration, updates, and news from The GOODista. Comment, Share and Enjoy! Feel it – Be it – Do it πŸ™‚

β€œChange will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” 
― Barack Obama


How to get a Healthier Life: Part I – Good Mind and Good Moves

Good Mind – MindfulnessHealthier Life illustrated by The GOODista banner for Good Lifestyle. A bird flying over the sea.

Healthier Life illustrated by The GOODista banner for Good Moves. A runner's feet.Good Moves – Exercise & Fitness

  • Walking is the best way to get your cardio and oxygen flow going. Walk like you mean it. Walk for 5 minutes at a faster pace than you normally would – and feel how the heart responds. Walk with a friend – two or four-legged. 5 minutes every day of meaningful exercise walking, will increase your fitness. After 25 days you will want to β€” and be able to step it up to 10 minutes. After 50 days you will want more! 30 minutes walking per day is the goal – 10,000 steps :).
  • Healthier Life, Health Matters - and exercise is key Illustrated by people practicing Pilates / Yoga.Get into Pilates. It is a form of exercise that gives flexibility, strength, long lean muscle β€” and endurance all in one. Pilates slow movements require concentration. The quality of the movements is more important that the quantity. Get a DVD – see below for suggestions –  and do 5 minutes every other day. After 5 minutes push stop, and continue after 2 days (alternate with Strength training one day – Pilates the next etc). After 25 days your muscle memory will be in place – and you can then do 10 minutes every day. After 50 days you will be ready to step it up πŸ™‚
  • We all need muscle for our everyday life. At any age, you can start Strength training, and it repays you with immediate effect. Get a couple of small water bottles. Fill them up. One bottle will weigh 500 gram. Get a DVD – see below for suggestions – and give yourself a 5-minute session every other day β€” alternate with Pilates. After 25 days your muscle memory will be in place, and you will be able to do 10 minutes. After 50 days it will feel easy to step it up. 
  • Healthier Life, 5 x 5 Success plan illustrated by Happy Healthy peopleDance or strut your stuff for 5 minutes every day. Stand up and jump, move around to music. Feel the joy in the beat, and pump up the volume! Enjoy! Those 5 minutes of joy every day makes it fun, worthwhile β€” and who cares if it looks silly? You will have people join you in no-time! Zomba next? 
  • House hold chores can be turned into 5-minute exercise goodness. Make your gardening, polishing, vacuum cleaning, DIY into meaningful exercise sessions by adding extra moves that you can invent. Combining your chores with fun exercise will make you want to add even more moves after 25 days! 

Healthier Life, Healthy Living Secret is no secretYou can do this, right? It is no secret that Health matters every day – and the more we get, the more we want. It is up to you how to mix it up, and which 5 x 5 you choose.

How to get a Healthier Life with the 5 x 5 Success Plan – a 5 Part Series

Subscribe to The GOODista banner.You have just read the first installment in this 5 part series. Part II will cover ‘Good Food’. Part III will cover ‘Good Hydration’, Part IV ‘Good Rest’ (sleep & less stress), and Part V is a Bonus about the Lifestyle change products for essential ‘Me-time’. Check back with The GOODista, and Subscribe , Follow and Share. 



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