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How to Maintain Your Exercise Routine Anywhere in the World by Johanna Cider

Are you a frequent traveler, or planning on going abroad sometime soon? Perhaps you are a workout enthusiast? Don’t worry about not being able to maintain your exercise routine while away. There are myriads of things you can do to keep your fitness levels sustained on the other side of the world. We’ve chosen the best of them here so you can allay any exercise concerns before jetting off.

6 Tips How To Maintain Your Exercise Routine 

Knowing how to pack, simplify your routine, combine moving with culture, try new ways to stay in shape and keep fit with an app are all helpful tips that will see you maintain your exercise routine far away from home. Exercise routine anywhere with smart packing as in picture.

#1 Get your clothing in order

If you haven’t already packed the most comfortable and practical exercise clothes, make sure you do before it comes time to catch your flight. It’s all too easy to excuse yourself from exercise once you find yourself lacking the proper threads to move around in!

#2 Try simple exercises

The great thing about being overseas is that you are almost forced to get out and about. For most people this means, far more walking around than you’d usually do at home.  If you opt to walk or cycle rather than catching the bus or train, you’ll save some cash for much more worthwhile activities, which is even better. This kind of everyday strolling may very well be the only activity you need to keep active while abroad. Tip: Get a walking guide to find new routes and fun adventures. Exercise routine anywhere by walking as in picture

If you would like to add some extra exercises into your travel routine to build on more than just your cardiovascular fitness, here are some ideas for the road that require little more than your own body weight:

  • Star-jumps
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Sprints
  • Squats
  • Burpees
  • Lunges
  • Calf raises

Tip: Check out these books from Amazon for more ideas

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#3 Do culture and sport at the same time

Travel Fitness is also about opening you mind, illustrated by picture of Maasai dancing.

Travel Opens Your Mind

Furthering the previous point, you might want to plan ahead about combining your cultural excursions with exercise. Is the country or city you are visiting famed for hosting a particular physical activity or sport? If you’re amidst snow-capped mountains, for example, you’d likely have multiple opportunities to go skiing and snowboarding at the first opportunity- and equally, if you’re in South America, it’d be a crime not to go out to a salsa dancing night.

#4 Hone in on stretching

If you know you probably won’t have access to a gym and so will be getting the majority of your cardio exercise via walking, why not use your time abroad to refine your stretching routine? Stretch bands can be a great way to relax and lengthen your muscles after a long day on your feet, and what’s better, they will take up next to no room or weight in your bag.

#5 Miniaturize your home gym

For gym junkies who really want to keep up their weight-training overseas, investing in some light weights will serve you well for the entirety of the time you’re away from home. Many top manufacturers produce weights portable enough to carry in your luggage, and even 1-pound dumbbells can, with enough reps, build significant muscle. (or – use water bottles or cans – editor note)

#6 Make use of the internet

Read more on thegoodista.comEven if you don’t typically think of using the internet as an avenue for exercise, digital aids can be very helpful in maintaining your fitness routine anywhere in the world. With so many exercise gurus posting their routines on platforms such as YouTube and Pinterest, all it takes is a quick search. You will find an exercise plan or real-time sports or workout video that suits you. From yoga to HIIT, Zumba to Tae Kwon Do, you’re sure to find what you need online. And if you don’t have access to the internet where you are, consider thinking ahead and printing out or writing down a series of workout plans that you can keep in a notebook or wallet and re-use overseas.

Johanna Cider

Guest Blogger

Johanna Cider is a New Zealand-based writer with a passion for writing about health and fitness. You can read more of her work on Tumblr

Exercise Anywhere 

We really like how Johanna inspires exercise by giving solid tips that really work. You don’t need much to keep up your The GOODista brand Logo with link to sign up for newsletter, special offers and more.exercise routine anywhere in the world. Make it part of your day, and as an added enjoyment to whatever you’ve decided to do.  Easy does it, and fitness will remain when you walk, explore, and go about your day – far away from home. 

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