Mood Boosting tips to beat the Mood Monster in this post on illustrated by happy face swinging towards a newtons cradle on grumpy faces.Mood boosting lifestyle changes to bring back balance to mood swings is the topic of this post. We give you concrete tips how you can do small lifestyle changes to feel lighter, brighter and on your way to a ‘new you’.

This is the final post in a series. In Part 1 you get the basics of what mood swings are Mood Swings: Are You A Mood Monster?   Part II: Mood Swings: Is your Partner or Boss a Mood Monster? deals with how we can understand, deal and support a mood swinger you live or work with. In this final post in the series about Mood Swings, The GOODista gives you tips on how to tweak your lifestyle to lessen the impact of mood swings.  

Read on, comment and share your thoughts about how mood swings affect your life. 

Mood Boosting Tips – Lifestyle Changes to Beat Mood Swings

Mood Cycling in Bipolar Disorder described in this info graphic found on Swings can be an expression of feeling low, or indeed a medical condition. Getting professional help, and understanding from those around you is a first step.

Small changes to how you eat, exercise, mindfulness techniques and natural supplements can also make a real difference and lessen the impact too. 

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Mood Boosting Foods: Nutrition

Mood Swing Blues FoodDepression, anxiety, and mood swings can be impacted by what we eat – or not. Research show linkages between nutrition and how it affects how we feel. 

It is thought that lack of serotonin, vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium play a role . When we’re ‘low’ we tend to grab simple carbohydrates (like potato chips), refined sugar (sweet treats and chocolate), and salt (crisps) for easy relief. The problem is that we come crashing down faster than we can blink, which creates an even bigger mood swing – in the wrong direction. 

5 Food Mood Boosting Tips

Mood Walking – Exercise

Mood Walkig can boost your mood in just 10 minutes as illustrated by this pin from pinterest.comLack of oxygen or nutrients are common amongst heart and lung disease sufferers – who also often therefore become victims of mood swings.  

Feelings of sinker lower or rising to a euphoric sense of joy – can be balanced out with exercise. Whether it is a daily walk in the fresh air to breath in air, or putting yourself through a workout session – it is all good mood boosters. Exercise does bring a sense of accomplishment, and natural feel-good vibes, which are commonly known as endorphins. Try it – it works wonders!

A word of caution if you train a lot. If your bodybuilding session leaves you with a sense of feeling drained, rather than energised be careful. Mood swings is actually also a sign of over-training. This article on Bodybuilding and Mood Swings is an important read for you.

Mood Management – Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is the art of appreciating the moment, and being still in that moment. It creates calm within, and allows you to focus on ‘now’, rather than on what happened yesterday, or what you have to do next.

Mindfulness techniques are highly recommended for mood swings, and while you can learn a lot by reading books – finding a therapist to guide you through the first sessions can be a good idea. 

Mood Reset – Sleep, Stress and Rest

Good Rest means sleeping better, and a good pillow is an important start, as illustrated by this alam clock sleeping against a big pillow.To re-balance your day is another good way to impact your mood swings positively. By setting a schedule, eating, sleeping and resting at the same time you re-set your master data, and find it easier to click into a steadier pace for body and mind. 

Mood Boosters – Natural Supplements

Mood StabilizersMedication is often prescribed by physicians in severe cases of mood swings. The problem is the effect of Pharmaceuticals, as side effects and toxicity impact brain chemicals and hormones greatly. For centuries natural remedies have proven to be very effective in promoting balance while providing relief and relaxation. Medicinal plants and natural nutrients are a good way forward, and of course you need to inform your Doctor that you plan to take them to make sure they do not interfere with other medication you might be on.

Mood Boosting Steps to Beat The Mood Monster

Field Mission Dilemma means added stress, tension and relationship strain illustrate by man holding his head with his body exploding.A few lifestyle changes such a walking, eating healthily, drinking more water, and allowing yourself to rest are great ways to start looking for a light in what seems to be a dark tunnel.

The road to finding balance again can be long, and a journey of rediscovery. You can get the help of a coach to tailor a way forward for your wellness and/or career.

Striving for balance and finding meaning to our every day can be a struggle – and yet again it can also be at the beginning of something brand new. A new you?

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