A decision to start lifestyle change comes from strong motivation, being inspired – and sometimes because you are told you have to. To start a lifestyle change you can choose to simply begin something, and hope that you will get there. To really change lifestyle, you make it a process – an active daily process.

Lifestyle Change – A Process

A process which starts with small steps, and tweaks to how you eat, move, sleep, de-stress, ‘relax’ and get inspired. A process which needs a roadmap – a plan to get there. The road may get bumpy, but with a guide and a good map you will get there. AND – this is a safari that never ends. The changes will become part of your daily life – your new habits will formed. The changes will make you permanently different.

Lifestyle change is not diets and fitness fads as these last but for a while – and a real change involves so much more than food and exercise. Life takes different turns…  Perhaps a new assignment leads you on a new road (again?).

Your open door to lifestyle change - a door leading from a white space into a vivid landscape to illustrate new beginning.

What Is Lifestyle Change For You?

To change is the process of becoming different. Change can be individual, or a team effort.

To really, really change the motivation and understanding why change is needed has to be deeply felt. And, the vision clear of where you want to go. Once you know where you are headed you can set a goal, and therefore plan how to get there.

Change is a process. You can choose to change because you want to fit into a dress, or because you want better work-life balance, or indeed go for a permanent lifestyle change. No matter what the goal is – it is good. A change is as good as a rest – but in my experience the short rest lasts but for a while. A real planned change is a long-term process that is ongoing, enjoyable and so very rewarding. That kind of change becomes permanent.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”. Lao Tzu

Setting your change goals

If your goal is to get into a borrowed dress in two weeks, you can go on a crash diet and Lifestyle change goal can be a dress as illustrated by the red dresswhoops! you will feel fabulous for the planned event. Your weight loss is temporary – and like the dress it must go back. The change was no real change – but you might feel inspired….

If work life balance is your goal, it takes more planning and you will probably get there is until you are on your way in a new direction. The balance can be hard to keep up. The change is half way – but it will leave you inspired…

work life balance lifestyle change goal, illustrated by African tree in Kenya

Reassigned again?

Permanent Lifestyle Change

If your goal is to have enduring health, full-on energy, feel balanced physically and mentally – and get back that ‘feel good feeling’ once again lifestyle changes is what you are planning. It is a step by step approach in a slow, methodical way. A change which leads to a new you – new habits. A permanent one.How to get a Healthier Life in this post on thegoodista.com , To change or not to change - Take it or Leave it, illustrated by sign saying: Change Ahead

Change can be difficult – and it may not last, the goal will tell you. You can choose which is your goal – a dress or a new you. No matter which of the change goals you set a SMART plan is what will bring you there.

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Lifestyle choices make you feel health, wellness and energy, as illustrated by drawing of people springing into action.

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