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Is your gym motivation dwindling? Gyms are often packed in January as many people who make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and exercise more flock to their nearest gym. As many as 73 % will soon lose motivation and are never seen near a barbell or treadmill again come February. Starting a new fitness routine can be tough, but if you can stick it out for the first month, there’s a strong chance that you’ll keep it going all year round instead of being a fly-by-night ‘revolutionary’.

We’re happy to give you great tips and tools from this week’s guest blogger. Use the infographic as a motivational guide to keep your fitness promise throughout the year. 

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Gym Motivation: It’s Not Just for January! 

Guest blog by My Fitness Boutique

January can be an endurance test, as the joys of Christmas fade into the distance and are replaced by the sobering realities of dark evenings, drained finances and less than stellar physiques from festive employment. Instead of being stuck at home feeling sorry for yourself, though, you can shorten your evenings by joining your nearest gym. It may seem like a costly expense to encounter at this time of year, but think of it as a longer-term investment which, when broken down into monthly portions, is not all that expensive after all.

Going to the gym is one thing. Going to the gym consistently over a sustained period of time is another entirely. Almost three-quarters of people who make fitness-related New Year’s resolutions break them without achieving their initial target, and nearly half of such resolutions don’t make it past the first six weeks of the year.

Gym motivation to keep going through the year, illustrated by excuses crossed out.


That is why gyms are packed to the brim for a few short weeks before attendance dwindles once February kicks in. How many of us begin the year with great intentions of getting fitter and losing weight, only to abandon such plans almost immediately? Sometimes people are forced to give up going to the gym due to financial constraints or unforeseen health reasons, but in a lot of cases, we simply lose motivation and resort to our lazy ways.

The infographic below from My Fitness Boutique encourages you to keep going to the gym all year round by offering useful, realistic tips about how you can make gym time genuinely enjoyable instead of a painful slog.

Everyone has the capability to improve their fitness; it’s the mental wherewithal that determines who will visit the gym like clockwork and who will rashly give up on it without giving it any sort of chance to make a difference.

Nobody is expecting you to obtain the body of your dreams overnight. Every small healthy lifestyle step you take is a step in the right direction, so keep it going, believe in yourself and the rewards will come!

Gym Motivation: Fitness 2017 Infographic

Gym motivation infographic by to keep your fitness promise thru the year
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Gym Motivation: Keeping Your Fitness Promise

The January resolve to get in shape in 2017 can stay with you through the year. Finding time, energy and motivation to keep your fitness promise means commitment. A healthy lifestyle commitment is not something you do for anyone but you. The effect will be felt by those around you too, though. Gym motivation beyond January illustrated by 2017 with weights

Step by step you will progress from wish to actually feeling – and reaping the health benefits. Not only will you start to look better, but more importantly you get energy for all the things in life that matter. 

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