Exercise motivation is an essential ingredient to get off the couch. As much as you may have committed to lead a healthier life, there are days when get-go is hard to find. The mere thought of moving makes you cringe, right? This happens to you, me and even athletes. Fitness experts agree that there is no way to actually make the body move, if the mind isn’t in it. The GOODista asked fitness experts to find ways how to stay motivated and exercise regularly.  The tips, hints and common-sense tricks Fitness Industry Training, Australia, give us really do up the exercise motivation. Take a look, and try them like we did. Let us know if you are as convinced as we are. 

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Exercise motivation and more in the fitness category on thegoodista.com illustrated by feet in trainers

Exercise Motivation: To Move or Not Move? 

What stops you from moving? You promised yourself to lead a healthier life, but when it comes to moving, the attraction of the couch comes easily. There are days when a run, cross fit session, or even a walk seems like way too much. Your body won’t listen and your mind is somewhere else. 

In our first post about healthy lifestyle commitment we wrote about how the key ingredient to success is motivation. The real want to change drives you forward, and new habits form.

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Feel Like Exercising

You have created a healthy lifestyle partnership with me, myself and I. It makes you feel great and you don’t want to give it up. But – why then do we have days where nothing seems to make us move?

  • You may have overtrained. Your body is crying out for rest to regenerate, restructure and allow for muscle growth. 
  • The weather may affect you. Winter is a season that impacts you, as SAD (seasonal affective disorder is common. Your body and mind will need winter specific foods and movements to cheer itself — and you — up. 
  • A medical condition may slow you down. If you have had surgery, or been down with flu your body won’t be up to the usual workout. Your mind will tell you not to move, but the body needs it. You will need to take it easier – but moving is good as long as you follow medical advice. The tips below will help motivation too. 
  • Your exercise routine may be too hard, or not challenging enough. Check below for tips. 
  • There are lots of reasons why you don’t feel like moving. Recognise any of these: Exercise Motivation: 101 Reasons People Fail 

OK – so now you know why you’re not on in the mood to exercise today. How about looking at what can make you get back into gear. 

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Exercise motivation comes easily once you have a healthy lifestyle, illustrated by dancing skeleton.
Exercise motivation: How to break through and stay motivated

Fitness experts know a thing or two about how to get you to move. But – even they can come down with a spell of demotivation. Our friends at Fitness Industry Training, Australia have contributed with these great insights and a super infographic.

Exercise Motivation: How to Stay Motivated to Exercise 

by Fitness Industry Training

A regular workout can contribute significantly to a healthier lifestyle. It burns fats, improves memory, combats stress, boosts your immune system, and gives you more energy. Those who want to improve their appearance are regularly told to exercise to tone their body the way they want it to because all those protein shakes would still be worthless without some physical help.

However, exercising can seem more of a luxury than a necessity, especially when so much can be happening in your life all at once. You may have too much of a busy schedule, like a 9-5 job coupled with hours of travel, which leaves you drained of any energy (and motivation) to continue with whatever program you underwent. Or you just can’t seem to fit it anywhere in your jam-packed schedule. 

Working away puts added pressures on the stay at home partner. Read more on thegoodista.com.

Overdoing It All?

Or you might be getting bored of doing the same thing repeatedly – everyday crunches and lifting weights don’t seem like they’re worth the extra time you can be using to do something “actually” entertaining. Maybe the whole thing isn’t just working for you; no matter how much you’ve been doing sit-ups and cardio, the elusive six-pack you’ve been trying to achieve just seems to get nowhere nearer.

Whatever your reasons may be, you’ve just stopped going to the gym, or just making any conscious effort to move and get sweaty. And maybe you want to continue but there’s just really no way, or it’s just really something you have absolutely no motivation for right now. After all, you can just get back up and start again, right?

Even if you tell yourself you’ll get back there someday, you might not be able to when you don’t have the right attitude to continue what you started. But how do you keep yourself motivated despite every reason that you shouldn’t? Read the infographic from Fitness Industry Training below to find out how to stay motivated to exercise regularly – no matter why you stopped.

Exercise Motivation: 6 Ways to Stay Motivated 

Exercise Motivation: 6 ways to stay motivated in this infographic by F.I.T Australia

Exercise Motivation: Body Mind Connection

When body and mind work in unison the result is spectacular. Sometimes it takes a bit of trickery to get the communication going. It is so worth it though, don’t you think?

The GOODista is thankful to F.I.T for this contribution, and would like to encourage more of our readers to share thoughts, and healthy lifestyle tips. Feel free to contact us if you want to guest blog: Tell Us!  

Enjoy your newly found exercise motivation, and do share your comments here below. 

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