Cold Germs can hit you if you don't wash your hands, or blow your nose. Read more on Picture is funny cartoon of a bacteria.Catch a Cold? These ten cold remedies will get you better – fast. In the last post, we shared how you can prevent cold (s) and stay warm this season. Now The GOODista has scoured the web for the best natural cold remedies, as over-the-counter drugs don’t do much good against colds. Did you get unlucky and catch a cold? It can happen despite efforts to eat healthily, wash your hands, wear proper clothing and stay clear of crowed airports. These ten cold remedies actually work so – wipe you nose, wrap up warm and treat yourself with these all-natural remedies. Follow The GOODista ~ Updates, Newsletter, Discounts and MoreLet us know how they worked out for you! 

Cold Remedies: Catching a Cold

Doctors will let you know that a common cold cannot be cured, and that you have to ride it out. Advice will include staying warm, plenty of liquids, and rest. Sneeze into your elbow, and avoid blowing your nose too hard. Now – all that is good advice, and very true. Before we get into healthy remedies to treat a cold, take a look at this info-graphic on how we catch colds from

Catch a Cold? Over-the-Counter Drugs vs Natural Cold Remedies

If you catch a cold you want to get back into health – fast. With little time to be sick, you might run to the pharmacy to load up on all sorts of cold drugs that promise quick relief.

However, you might also be like me?  I have no desire to load up on over-the-counter chemical medicines that come with side effects and drain my energy for months to come. A cold cannot be cured, but is can be treated. Interestingly, Doctors agree that natural cold remedies have better effect to soothe and relieve cold symptoms and do so faster than over-the-counter drugs. Did you know that Juicing is a great way to prevent and get rid of colds?

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Get Rid of Your Cold: Top 10 Cold Remedies

The GOODista has scoured the web for the best all-natural cold remedies and tips. The top ten winners in the ‘kill the cold game’ are: (Click on the highlighted links for further reading and recipes.)

Cold Remedies that are natural and actually work is what you need. No 1 fighter is plain water as illustrated by this water collage#1 : Water

Water is all its forms – cold, hot or steamy is your go-to No 1 treatment when fighting colds. You need to flush the toxins out of your system so drinking water is key. At least 8 big glasses a day will drive out toxins, and you keep hydrated (headache is often due to dehydration). Add to this hot herbal tea from and spice it up with cinnamon and lemon. You will loosen up the mucus, and send it on its way. Taking a hot shower, and breathing in the steam will allow the pores to open, and loosen up mucus. Over-the-counter drugs will dry you up, and the cold will stay for far longer. If you need to get rid of a cold fast – “take to the waters!”, as this article on Mother Earth News so aptly put it. 

Cold remedies that treats your cold, and leaves you without side effects is what you need to get back into health fast, In the picture is a great apple cider vinegar mixture.

#2 : Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is an age-old way to treat colds. Apple cider vinegar is a great alkaline food that helps the body to neutralise the acidic state that come with colds. The immune system gets a boost, and the symptoms of cold gets squashed too. has a great recipe with Cayenne pepper added: Try it!. You can also simply mix a few tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with warm water, honey, and lemon, and drink the concoction several times a day. You will be back to health in no time.  😉 

Cold remedies that are all natural and actually work include ginger, as seen in picture.#3 : Ginger

Ginger has well-known anti-inflammatory properties. It also soothes the stomach, whereby cold symptoms that include indigestion can benefit dramatically. Ginger also has warming qualities which promotes perspiration which help to drive out toxins and cold bugs. In combination with cinnamon, you have a great cold remedy. This great recipe for a ginger cold buster from is a definite one to bookmark.       

Cold remedies that work include zinc, which pumpkin seeds are full of. Picture shows bowl of pumpkin seeds. Read more on

#4 : Zinc

Many medical sites agree that zinc has scientifically been proven to combat colds. Zinc is an immune-boosting trace element that facilitates the proper function of more than 3,000 proteins in the body, as well as the promotion of healthy digestive function, which is where the bulk of immunity lies. However, while it is tempting to buy zinc in spray form, one should be aware that this can provoke loss of smell. Therefore – eating pumpkin seeds throughout the day can be a safer way to get in zinc. Why not combine it with another powerful cold busting spice: cinnamon. Try this recipe from The GOODista: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Cinnamon. 

Cold Remedies that work include Vitamin D, which is illustrated by this picture of Viamin D rich sources (sun, salmon, cod-liver oil pills and mushroom)

#5 : Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a strong cold combatant and renowned as an effective remedy of common colds. While a good dose of sunshine will give you a great preventative immune boost – if you live in a Northern climate, or come down with a cold – you may want to find a sun-lamp to get Vitamin D rays. You can also eat foods rich in vitamin D, like mushrooms, salmon, or eggs (Try this recipe with Salmon🙂 ). However, to beat that cold fast get some Vitamin D3 drops, or even a table-spoon of Cod Liver Oil will help. Yuk! But – so helpful! A nice recipe for ‘liquid sunshine’ comes from Zain Saraswati Jamal – full of Vitamin D, and so much tastier than Cod Liver Oil!

Cold Remedies that you can make at home include honey & cinnamon mixture as seen in this picture. Read more on 6 : Honey 

Natural honey is a powerful friend when fighting a cold. You have to get Raw, Unpasteurized Honey. Pasteurized honey will merely act as a sweetener because all the health benefitting properties have ‘died’ in the heating process. Raw honey’s antibiotic properties are effective in treating colds and sore throats. Raw honey calms coughs, clears the throat, unblocks sinuses and reduces irritation. The best on the market is Manuka Honey. Less expensive are Eucalyptus or Linden Honey. All these are especially beneficial against colds. Check out these honey based recipes from and click on the picture for a read of how cleared family colds with honey and cinnamon.    

Cold Remedies that work include healthy immune boosting foods as can be found in this picture, and blog: 7 : Immune Boosting Foods

Chilli, Turmeric, Garlic and Mint are ingredients that pack a punch when it comes to fighting colds and flu. These powerful herbs and spices combine anti-inflammatory properties with immune boosting goodness. Besides the fact that you don’t feel like eating much when you are sick, you also lose your sense of taste. Try eating light, health boosting foods that combine taste with medicinal qualities. These recipes on pack flavour, cold busting goodness and ease into excellent soups, curries, noodles and flu ‘shots’. They work!  

Cold Remedies include salt but not sugar - pictures by a bowl of salt. Read more on : Salt

Salt is a super when you need to drain your system of toxin, clear mucus and get rid of head colds and sinus pains. You need to avoid sugar at all cost when you have a cold, as the white sweet stuff promotes bacteria growth. Get rid of the idea that popsicle/ice cream are good for poorly kids — the sugar content makes them sicker! Get into salt instead. Don’t sprinkle it on your food now! Use salt by bathing in it (try this recipe for head cold salts from ), using a Neti-pot ( clears sinus and colds in no time – check out how here) or gargling with it (great tips on salt for gargling here on Salt is a Cold Buster – and Sugar a Cold Booster! I choose Salt, and you?            

Cold Remedy King is the mighty Blueberry as seen in this picture found on Read more about natural cold remedies on : Blueberries

Blueberries have long been hailed for their health promoting properties. Bustling along with high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C in blueberries are a smorgasbord of essential nutrients — all of which help to maintain optimum health. These include vitamin A, b-complex, copper, selenium, zinc and iron. In 2007, Cornell University scientists found that wild blueberries contained the most active antioxidants of any fresh fruit, thanks to their high levels of anthocyanins — one of the most potent antioxidants. Blueberries are also natures answer to aspirin – with no side effects. Eat Blueberries fresh – or frozen (with no sugar) – or why not try this ‘Very Berry Blueberry Juice’ from

Cold Remedies also include moderate exercise as illustrated by these running feet. Read more on : Exercise

Exercise is by far the best prevention when it comes to getting sick. If you do come down with a cold it is often said that you must not move at all. Actually, exercise can help you get better quickly, especially if you have a fitness routine already. Read here why say that it is OK to exercise with a cold

You need to listen to your body, and stick to the ‘neck rule’. At the very least you can take a walk, breathe the fresh air, and activate those antibodies. It works better than staying at home, with windows closed, and germs swirling around.  Research suggests that exercise activates the body’s defense cells (antibodies and white blood cells) and trigger the release of hormones that “warn” immune cells of intruding bacteria or viruses.

Overall the benefit of moderate exercise — if you ‘only’ have a cold — is that you allow your body to get rid of the infection more effectively. The important thing to remember when exercising with a cold is that all-natural cold remedies are safe. If you have taken OTC cold drugs be warned of the side effects as they can be harmful if you workout with a cold. Check with your Doctor to know the effect of OTC drugs in combination with exercise. 

Get Rid of Your Cold with Natural Cold Remedies

Cold Season Tips on How to Stay Warm and Avoid Cold (s) in this post on Illustrated by man in autumn wind with broken umbrella.A nasty cold can hit anyone at any given time.  We know that if you have a healthy lifestyle, you cut out your risk of getting a cold.

Ironically, I came down with a cold while I was researching for this post!  I drank apple cider vinegar in warm water, popped lots of pumpkin seeds, drank lots of water, indulged in a steamy Epsom salt bath, and had Cold remedies that are all-natural work better than any OTC drugs against a common cold, illustrated by a scarf surrounding honey, garlic and lemon. Read more on thegoodista.comhoney with cinnamon. I am not sure which one of these home cold remedies that had most effect. What I do know is that today – 24 hours later – I am sniffle free and ready for my afternoon walk in the bright autumn sunshine.

favicon-3Share these tips and get rid of that cold — fast! 🙂  Please share with The GOODista your own tips for getting rid of colds. 

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