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Are you hungry for Italian foodie inspiration? This review will wet your appetite for sunshine, slow food, and the authentic flavours of Southern Italy. A visit to Litrico’s restaurant and pizzeria in the Basilicata region brings authentic flavours to a new level. This is Part 2 of 3 – and of course you read Part 1: The Italian Foodie Must-Know Guide. Are you ready to bring  Italy into your home? Start planning for your own Italian feast: Get inspired by this review, and get all the tips and recipes you need in Part 3. 


Italian Foodie Inspiration: Review of Litrico’s Restaurant and Pizzeria.

If you are lucky enough to go to Southern Italy, you must make a stop by the coastline of the Basilicata and set your GPS on Maratea. This seaside town is a hidden gem far away from mass-tourism and over exposure. When we stayed at the Santavenere hotel and spa, we went across the street to eat dinner. What a surprise the relatively modest exterior held! 

Italian feast inspirational couple in this photo - owner and chef of the Litrico's Restaurant in Maratea, Italy.

Litrico’s Germano and Caterina

We discovered a restaurant bursting with proud food tradition, fantastic local food and friendly service. Litrico’s Ristorante e Pizzeria in Fuimicello, Maratea was an experience as the modest facade hid the most fabulous food, that tasted of the absolute love the chef / owner lavished over each dish that came out.

We were fortunate enough to talk to Germano and Caterina about their restaurant, and got an insight into the hard times that has fallen over many small family businesses. This couple continues to open their doors for lunch and dinner every day. Their belief remains strong: High quality food will always win. It was such a treat to meet Germano and Caterina and to eat at Litrico’s that The GOODista was prompted  to write this well deserved review.

Litrico’s restaurant and pizzeria serves authentic southern Italian cuisine with a true appreciation for season, local produce and simplicity at its best.

Germano, the chef/owner, took great pride in showing us the catch of the day, and recommending dishes that he had been working on. This man speaks food, breathes food and loves all things food. 🙂 Caterina, his ever-smiling wife and hostess, provides a seamless service combined with an attentiveness that had us come back to Litrico’s again and again. 

The dishes we tried were all of very high quality, inventive yet true to tradition. No fuss or complicated plating. The simplicity allows the food to speak. The favours come through in every bite. The vegetable dishes are excellent, the seafood speciality of the day a must-try, the lightly breaded chicken a health perfect choice and you have not tasted focaccia or pizza like this before! Check out these reviews: Litrico’s reviews on 

Italian foodie must know guide to food tradition, do's and don'ts and so much more, illustarted by vespa with pizza flying off it.

Italian foodie must-know guide on

As any Italian foodie knows the order of the food is as important as the ordering thereof. This is why we listened carefully to the suggestions made each night – yet gave an indication of our health conscious tastes and preferences.

Each dinner was an experience, which inspired us. We highly recommend you to visit Litrico’s Restaurant and Pizzeria when you pass by Maratea. (Via S.Venere, 85046 Maratea (PZ). Ph: 0973 877005)

Italian Foodie Inspiration for Your Italian Feast

Italian food guide to eating out in Italy, illustrated by heart made up of Italian foods and monuments.

Italian Foodie Do’s and Don’ts

Germano was kind enough to share a few of his cooking secrets, which I have reinterpreted in the recipes you will find in Part 3 of this series. I am sure you read Part 1 – The Italian Foodie Must-Know Guide which gives you the load down of what you must know to make your Italian food holiday live up to expectation.

Take the inspiration to a new level and plan for your Italian foodie feast evening with friends. Start by taking advantage of the discounts offered by Amazon (up to 80% !!) on cooking and dinning ware.

The ease of an Italian dinner brings sunshine, laughter, wine and real Italian food to a feast that will live in everyone’s food memory for long to come. Awaken the Italian foodie… Just look at these antipasti photos:

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