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Life altering lifestyle change happens on a molecular level, but more so in your whole outlook on life. A life altering lifestyle change comes from commitment. Small changes to food, fitness and mindset that become cumulative. It does not have to be an all out effort. Step by step you gain energy, health and wellness. How can this happen? It is not by a diet or a fitness fad— its about a healthier approach to food, fitness, and mindset. You will look back at that first lifestyle change step and define it as a life affirming moment. You will go through a life altering change and never go back. Get the tips on how to move from denial, wish to change, decision and real action. Join the lifestyle change challenge. Take that first step with us. You can change, you will change, and you shall change. All it takes is one first step. 

Life Altering Lifestyle Change – Step by Step

To learn how to walk is not a given. It is in fact a life affirming moment when you take those first steps, often accompanied by parents ohs! and well documented for future embracing photo moments. 

Once you get on your way into life, walking is something you do every day. It is automatic and not really something you think about. What if your decision to change now would have the same effect in a few years time? 

With progressing years, work, children, social life and endless scheduling conflicts your life tends to run so fast that you have no time to think. Our society caters very well for the super busy. You can get fast-food, coffee to go, and techno gadgets to support a hectic lifestyle.

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Running on Empty?

The problem is that you are often the last one to notice that you are running on empty. 

To change is not an attractive option to many. Change means rocking the boat. This carefully constructed vessel is often steaming ahead on a stormy sea full of life challenges. The destination however can be predictable, if the vessel is not maintained and understood as the only one you have access to. What is promising is that you can change this ship from a sinking one to a more stable one. This has to be done bit by bit, as you otherwise risk making holes that counteract what you have carefully been working on. 

The phases of lifestyle change can be looked upon using the 5 stage model of change. You go through pre-contemplation, contemplation, determination, action, maintenance and termination according to the model. Seen from a lifestyle change perspective, I have simplified somewhat as you can see here below. 

Life Altering Lifestyle Change: From Denial to Action

  • The decision to do something about your lifestyle is often born during the denial phase – or the pre-contemplation phase. That is when you curl up on your sofa, with a big bag of chips, and down a few glasses of wine too many. You tell yourself that this is cosy Friday, but then you do the same all through the week. You’re fine, right? Friends and family may try to tell you that you should go out for a walk, or have a salad. What do they know?
  • The pre-decision phase is when you start thinking that the energy you once had is missing. You feel listless as chips and wine doesn’t cut it anymore. You start thinking that going on a diet might be an idea, or taking a walk could be nice. But, you think that change is not an option right now as you have too much on your plate anyway.
  • Decision to change your lifestyle can be provoked by a medical visit, or because you decide that this is it! The challenge then becomes finding a method that works for you. Motivation is sparked, but finding the right path can be tricky. You have tried diets before, but counted back up – and that fitness fad you tried still reminds you of your perceived inadequacies. You have entered the determination stage of change, and now need a road forward.

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A.A Milne Wellness Sign

  • Entering the action phase of change requires thought about what it is you want to achieve. Real life altering change comes from addressing all parts of you, and no diet or fad will ever take care of this.
  • Maintaining and reaching that level where you can declare that your life has irrevocably changed requires you to stay the course. Only deep commitment, and achievable small goals will get you to a level where you can feel all of you reaping from renewed energy and wellness. Small changes to food, fitness and mindset will become cumulative and together become pearls on a string that defines life altering change. 

Life Altering Lifestyle Change: How To Start

All it takes is one first step. It does not matter if this change involves food, exercise or meditation. All it takes is a decision to break one habit, and replace it with something challenging. Change Reaction can be negative, but by showing the reason behind and why you win over the non-believers

You have surely followed diets, fitness fads, and read self-improvement books before. The diet never lasts, and the fitness fads fades into nothing and that book lies in a corner now. These are not the changes that are recommended when talking about lifestyle change.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Arthur Ashe

What you need to do first is learn, understand and commit to a deeper change action.

To get into the action phase of change you pick one thing that you can do. For example:

  • Start your day with a few movements to get your blood flowing.
  • Lunch time take-along food that is non-processed.
  • Afternoon five-minute walk around the office, or compound.
  • Replace the coming-home glass of wine with a green tea, walk or mediation session.

These are just examples to show that first step need not – and should not – be an all-out huge effort. Keeping it to small five-minute hits makes it feasible, and allows you to feel that first seed of change to get planted. 

Life Altering Lifestyle Change: A New You

Once you commit to that first action change step, you will find yourself wanting to try more. 

A morning walk, and a nutritional lunch, followed by an evening meditation session. Suddenly you change actions move from one area to the next. The combination of lifestyle changes will become apparent. You need to have patience, stay the course, and keep with obtainable goals. 

Be Smart About It ! Lifestyle change goals the SMART way using The GOODista model for lifestyle change on this post on

SMART lifestyle change – your goal!

The new you will have to unlearn and undo habits that have taken years to perfect. The overall lifestyle change challenge will run into temptation, social teasing and moments when you think you cannot do this. You can, you will and you shall. 

The experience of life altering change allows me to tell you that staying the course, is what makes the moment so much sweeter when you realise that your new you will know what your body needs, how to deal with stress, and reap the full benefit of a mind/body balance. The impact becomes real change. Not a diet, nor a fitness fad. Change on a real level that lasts a lifetime. 

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Life Altering Lifestyle Change Challenge

The maintenance of your change plan is what ultimately brings you home to a new you.

There will be a moment when you can never ever see yourself going back to processed bags of junk food, nor would you want to ruin your fitness by downing a bottle of red. You will want to cherish, look after and keep on perfecting a lifestyle that makes you feel, be and able to do so much more good for yourself and others. You will have changed your life for good – a life altering change. 

Life altering lifestyle change comes from commitment. You can do it, illustrated by man stepping up to the word possible.

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How do you get there?

You can start on your own, and get inspired by books, articles on the internet and DIY efforts. Check out the links below to get you started.

You can also get an individually tailored program based on your wellness goals and needs.

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You will be able to do all the lifestyle changes wherever you work, or live in the world.

You can do it all — step by step. Motivation, inspiration, tips, tools, fitness food menus and hints is what we can provide. 

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