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Do you have food cravings? If so – are you a screamer, a grazer or a mindless muncher? Food cravings tell you a story. It is a sign that something is not right. Your mind is playing games with you. What you think you want is not what your body actually needs. Here is your ultimate guide – complete with Food Cravings Goodbye chart and infographic to get rid of cravings – for good. 

Food Cravings Goodbye Guide

The GOODista looks at why you have cravings and how to get rid of them. The solution lies in changing your relationship with food and getting into a healthier lifestyle. A little tweak here and there will soon wave those cravings goodbye. Learn to interpret your cravings.

When your head tells you to eat that, the Food Cravings Goodbye Guide will help translate this into what the body really needs, and what healthy alternatives will satisfy the craving – for good.

This is your inspiration to deal with those food cravings every day and also when working (far) away. If you still need motivation, advice how to get healthier and a tailored programme for you – Try Coaching  

Food Cravings: Grazing, Munching or Screaming for Snacks

Do you graze for bits of food throughout the day? Is mindlessly munching your way of finding inner peace when things don’t go right – or is it that time of the month? Or do you scream if you don’t get a piece of chocolate – now, right now, this second? 

Food Cravings: The Unguided Grazer

You are someone who picks bits of food here, there and everywhere. You see food and eat it. A bowl of nuts on the sideFood Cravings are common, and the unguided grazer will eat constantly. More on In this picture potato crisps are falling to show the grazers tendency to eat more than one. means you must have it all – and a free sample in a supermarket has to be attacked. You prepare food and eat more before than you end up serving. You eat because you’re bored, because it’s there, just because….

Your brain set of food auto mode. As soon as the food is there in any form you will have a piece (or ten). You are caught in a habit that you may not even be aware of. The result is a vicious circle as you also eat (a lot?) at meal times. The overall effect is that you overeat and your health numbers will show warning signs.

Are you perhaps a binge eater, without realizing it? The result is unwanted weight gain, and you can no longer tell when you are hungry. Read on to get some tips on how to change your relationship with food. Health is a habit, and to get into a new habit can take some time. Grazing is normally a sign of a body and mind out of focus. 

Food Cravings: The Mindless Muncher

Are you a mindless muncher? You snack your way through the day and have small portions food constantly.

Food Cravings are common. The mindless muncher eat constantly though the day and prefers fridge and office drawer hunting to real meals. Read more on Picture shows woman in fridge.

The Mindless Muncher

You progress through the day by visiting your office drawer for snacks, or very frequent visits to the fridge to fill up.

‘A little a lot’ means essentially a lot of food though a day. The mindless muncher seldom eats properly at meal times, and sometimes even skips meals to indulge in the favorite snack hunt habit. The mindless muncher is often overeating, and also mildly undernourished as the skipped proper meals are replaced by too much of one food group (often sugars, fats or carbs). By understanding which foods are the most common triggers, and getting into proper balanced healthier meal routines will get a mindless muncher back on track. Check the tips and Food Cravings Goodbye Guide below. 

Food Cravings: The Screamer

A screamer is that someone who stares wildly if an olive or a piece of chocolate is not handed to them immediately.

Food Cravings are common. The screamer will have an intense need for a certain food. Read more on Screaming chocolate cookie illustrates the food craving urgency.

Chocolate – NOW!

This is quite common when hormones are playing their games with us. Pregnant women will smile in recognition, right? Vitamin and mineral deficiencies play a large role here, and in combination with hormonal changes the real cure lies in replacing those ‘must have’ snacks with real, nutrient rich actual foods. This article Cravings and Vitamin Deficiencies explains well, and also looks at the importance of emotional eating. The food cravings goodbye infographic below will give you some real good tips on what to go for instead of chocolate. 


Food Cravings: Why Do We Graze, Munch and Scream?

Why do we have food cravings? The main reasons are a habit, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes and a distorted relationship with food.  Most cravings are provoked by an unstable way of eating, and/or an emotional reaction. You graze, munch and scream because your body’s natural system is out of balance. The good news is that you can reset that clock by:

  • Changing habits by understanding the reasons behind your food cravings.
  • Adding or taking away certain things you eat.
  • Mindfulness and meditation

Read on to find out how to tweak your food cravings, and how to set them right. 

Food Cravings: Habit Is a Trigger

Apple Crisps Dehydrated Cinnamon Coated Natural Goodies in this picture. Recipe on

Healthy Snack Alternatives

A drink before dinner with ‘nibbles’? Always eating a piece of chocolate after an afternoon nap, or having a cookie with your afternoon cup of coffee? These are classic habits that aid to put your body system out of whack. As nice as these occasions are, the best way to handle habits is to reframe them. Enjoy your moments – but change the snack that goes with it. 

Food Cravings: Adding or Taking Away Foods

Junk Food became a question mark and linked with increasing disease in the late 1970s, illustrated by junk food formed as a question mark.Cravings are a sign that you are not in balance. Essentially you are undernourished, and your body displays the same signs are someone who is starved. A protruding stomach, being bloated and unclear skin are all signs of deficiencies. 

The craving is your body’s way of telling you what it needs. The problem, however, that with so much processed unnatural foods our bodies are getting mixed signals – and therefore so are you. You head misses the signal, and you get the wrong translation.

The underlying cause of cravings is an indication that your body reserves of hydration, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are low. Your hormones also play a big role. 

Reasons, why you crave certain foods, can vary. 

Food Cravings: Hormones, Mindfulness, and Meditation 

Stress, worries and feeling down can trigger food cravings as chocolate, or crisps, somehow make you feel (temporarily) better. Or if it is that time of the month you will scream for certain foods, while you angrily stare at the world.

Some say that cravings are all in your head, and this is not entirely wrong. Happiness hormones like Serotonin will take the mind to a place where it asks for chocolate – whereas a big bowl of spinach or kale would actually do the trick better. Magnesium and iron are powerful combatants against a hormone imbalance. This is a good quote from a recognized scientific website:

Health is your body’s natural state, metabolism will heal itself when it receives the necessary nutritional support. (

Food Cravings: Grazing, Munching, and Screaming Goodbye Guide

Food cravings can be dealt with by understanding what kind of food craver you are, and what foods tend to trigger you. By making small adjustments you will wave goodbye to your food cravings, and gain better health. You will get into a healthier lifestyle change.

Make sure to check out the next post on The GOODista: 15 Tips How To Get Rid of Food Cravings. Easy to follow tips and hints for every day – and how to tackle this journey when you are far away from home. Tip: Follow The GOODista for more inspiration to lifestyle changes you can do

Food Cravings Goodbye Chart and Infographic

Check out The GOODista Food Cravings Goodbye Guide – please feel free to Share it, Pin it, Print it for your fridge and office drawer 🙂 – We wish to inspire you to use it to Feel, Be and Do Good every day and working (far) away. 

Food Cravings Goodbye Infographic. What you head tells you is not what your body needs. Find healthy alternatives in this guide on

Food Cravings Goodbye Guide by The GOODista, all rights reserved.

The list of food cravings has not been easy to compile, and this one is probably not complete. Do comment, and give us feedback! We got some great ideas, and wish to thank Ben Greenfield Fitness and his article What Do Food Cravings Mean? 

Food Cravings: Getting Rid of Food Cravings – For Good

Getting into new habits takes time. Anti-ageing naturally is a lifestyle. To get there you need to reframe your lifestyle. You will be motivated to change, once you decide. It is your choice to change. Change is not easy, but boy! So inspirational once you start feeling, being and doing better. Give it time, be patient with yourself. Step by step you do get there. Do join our mailing list and get updates how you can start your ‘new you’. 

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