Healthy Living Secret is no secretHealthy living secrets are what we want. A ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow. A secret that is whispered, and shared only with a few. Exclusivity. Part of a secret club. Now – that is when we realize it is a lie. The secret is that there is no secret – just a matter of living healthily.  The lie is believing that it is a secret – and the secret that it is a lie. Healthy living is making deliberate choices every day – a change a day is a habit tomorrow. 

Healthy Living Matters

Healthy living is a balancing act between time and life needsHealthy living matters, you realize when you try to balance life and time. The constant balancing act drains your resources – inside and out. Whichever way you treat your body, it will react and respond. Your mind is equally as reactive and will pick up on what you do ‘well’ or not. To master the art of balancing, you need to make a choice. Choose to take control, or be controlled. 

Healthy Living – A choice to take back what is yours

Healthy Living is no secret and you have the key to startThe choice to take control comes easily when you feel out of balance. You want to swing in a different direction. You choose to take back control when ‘life’ or ‘time’ seems to have run you over. You can actively make this choice when you have realized that you hold the key to your own life and time. You have already become part of the big secret – you are the key. You can make the change.
Healthy Living or Lifestyle change need? Man holding his ears to illustrate excusesBeing controlled, on the other hand, means that you are not in charge of your own time or what is happening to your life –  internally or externally. You may also not have realized that you can do something about it. You believe that it is up to ‘them‘ – meaning ‘management’, ‘relatives’, ‘husband/wife/kids’, ‘the government’ and other entities – to fix the problem for you. You believe that you are a prisoner of your destiny – and still have to be convinced that this is not a lie. You are looking for a secret.
Finding the right approach to take back what is yours is the first step. Is ‘lifestyle change’ the right approach for you?

Healthy Living – The lifestyle change approach 

Healthy Living a choice between short or long term result and health reacts accordingly Why is that we see the word ‘lifestyle change” connected with two very different approaches? One way is the short-lived version, for example, a diet. The other as a long life ongoing investment in health and wellness.
It probably has to do with the demands that our pressured lives put on us. We try to maximize output, multi-task and stretch all activities. We do not ‘have time’ to consider a longer perspective. What about our basic needs, and the difficulty in balancing the demands life puts on us?

Healthy Living – Balancing life

Balancing life means meeting physical and physiological needs. To define what this means:

need is something that is necessary for organisms to live a healthy life. Needs are distinguished from wants because a deficiency would cause a clear negative outcome, such as dysfunction or death. Needs can be objective and physical, such as food, or they can be subjective and psychological, such as the need for self-esteem(Wikipedia: Need)

It is a balancing act between our body and minds basic needs.  While physical refers to the “body,” physiological refers to the “functions” in the body. 

If our body systems are not in balance, our health may be at risk. The foundation of good health is keeping all body systems in balance. This means making choices that keep our body systems free of toxins, and all levels balanced through optimum nutrition, exercise, rest and clear thoughts. The choice is called healthy living and the result is wellness.Body, Mind and Spirit in Balance in this drawing

Healthy Living – Balancing time

The reality is that time is a huge factor in all of this. “I don’t have time!” The most classical of excuses when it comes to lifestyle change. Time rules every aspect of your day, so you simply find ways of avoiding, what will find you in the end

When time runs out because you didn’t have time to look after yourself. Time is the top excuse for not getting into shape, microwave your dinner, putting your kids in front of the TV, and getting to bed way too late – because ‘time’ stopped you from walking, cooking, reading to your kids, and going to bed when you’re tired. Time is the one thing we cannot stop. We can, however, take back time, by making time work for us. Making a change today is a habit tomorrow. Making time work for you is a question of choosing your approach, making priorities, planning and claiming back what is yours.Healthy Living is a matter of controlling time as illustrated by clock chasing running woman

Whichever way you treat your body, it will react and respond. Your mind is equally as reactive and will pick up on what you do ‘well’ and not. Time will then tell you that you need to change, and claim back some of what was yours. The excuses not to live healthy run out with time. If I could do a change – so can you! And – you DO have time and the gain is so immediately noticed that you actually get time back.  

Healthy Living – The Lie

Healthy Living secrets and lies The big lie is that healthy living is a big secret. That you can get there by taking potions and pills.
I started small lifestyle change that became life altering. A change a day. Swooping processed foods for natural ones. Drinking more tea, and less alcohol. Taking a walk at lunch time. Making time for me and myself. Thinking time. That is how it started.
2 1/2 years later, I can outrun most people, being as fit as a fiddle, feel more energized than ever before – and yes, I have lost 50 kilo – and people want to know my big secret. 
The lie is to believe that you can get to a healthy lifestyle with a wand, a 14-day diet or by taking some miracle pill. That is not healthy living – that is merely a phase, a fad and a lie. It does not work.

Healthy Living – The Secret

Healthy Living is no secret, just healthy lifestyle choices illustrated by happy face made of vegetablesHealthy living is not a secret – that is the secret. Healthy living is making deliberate choices every day. Healthy lifestyle choices that pay off in every way possible. You do have to work for it. That is the second secret. This is not hard work. It is a matter of understanding basics about food, exercise, mindfulness, hydration – and planning. Small changes every day that add to your health account – and with time you find that changes have become habits. You are a happy, healthy, younger looking proof that Healthy Living works – every day.

Healthy Living – Basics and Tools

The very first basic understanding of what Healthy Living is to make active choices every day how we eat, move, sleep, enjoy ourselves – in other words, lifestyle choices.Healthy Living is taking Lifestyle change steps to food, sleep, hydration, and stress reduction

You can follow The GOODista and get to grips with how to start this exciting journey. Daily tips ‘how-to’ live healthily, and what to do when you decide to change lifestyle. The GOODista - lifestyle change for wellness and energy

Tools are really helpful when you take the decision to change lifestyle. To start a New You – you need inspiration, motivation, support and real targets.  Time crunching, and how to plan for a busy work and home life – that is a topic that The GOODista will get into next. You can find great tools and good advice online – see for instance some of the articles under ‘related reading’ here below. It is really a matter of making a smart plan that works for you and your life. 

The secret is revealed, and the lie dealt with. Healthy Living matters and now it is a matter of making choices – healthy ones, every day :). Do you need a personal guide, motivator and a tailored program just for your wellness or career? Check out your opportunities here Coaching

That New Year’s Resolution – do you remember it? 

New years resolution list illustrates the Lifestyle change way

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