New Year’s Resolution is a good thing. It allows you to think back on the year that has been. To say ‘Thank you’ to friends and family for being there for you, and for remembering those that are no longer with us. New Year’s Resolution is a resolve to keep what has been good, and to change.New Years resolution allows you to reflect back and look ahead

New Year’s Resolutions most of all allow us to set a goal, to start a new road, to go forward – and take it from me: Change is possible!

New Year’s Resolution – Reflecting on the year that was

2013 was a year of changes. Floods, hurricanes, wars and civil strife hit the world on anBody, Mind and Spirit ever-increasing scale – and humanitarians got stretched to the maximum to help those in need. Changes on the political stage took their turns, and the environment seems to scream at the world for not looking after it, and thus reacting with stronger winds, climate changes and arctic meltdown. The world lost some of its greats this year. Nelson Mandela  was indeed a great man and what an honour to have been around during his lifetime!

On the personal plane, it was the year that confirmed to me that what I am doing is right. To change your life is possible. Not only in shape, fitness and style – but on a deeper level. To become mindful and appreciate what is good in life. To be thankful for friends and family. To sit still in those small moments – and just appreciate! Aha moment illustrated by lightbulb

Reflecting back on the year that was – you can see what was good, and what was not. What you can do for yourself in a different way, and what can be a new challenge. New Years’ resolutions allow you to do that – look back, appreciate, say thank you. You get closure. 

New Year’s Resolution – Looking forward with new resolve

A journey starts with a single step – and to start on walking this path, your mind must have travelled to get there.  Motivation to change can come from many factors – and the resolve to do something about it, comes from will power. That first step is the hardest – but the second comes so much easier. 

As you get ready for your party tonight, or sit down to a TV session with your favourite treats – think of what you want to achieve in 2014. Tomorrow. 

Tomorrow you can wake up – and start afresh. Maybe your head will be a bit sore. Good! That makes the resolve stronger! Whatever it is you decide to do – make sure it is for you to Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good. Happy Healthy people

New Year’s Resolution – Three top tips for a new you!

If you need a few tips on how to start you new day – your new you – here are three top tips:

  • Lemon in lukewarm water – the first thing you do every morning is to drink a big Lemons - a lemon a day keeps the toxins awayglass of luke warm water with lemon squeezed into it. It help your hydration, eliminate toxins and gets your body ready to tackle a new day!
  • Walk – a walk a day keeps you energised. Start with 5 minutes – and aim for 30 minutes a day, by end of the month. Walk at your own pace, and enjoy!
  • Think positive thoughts! It is so easy to go down the ‘dark’ road. Start each day with a positive thought – and say it out load! What makes you happy, sing or ‘tick’:) ?Even when you have difficult times in your life, you can think about a beautiful picture or flower. Enjoy a bird song, or the laughter of a child. Positive thoughts make for a beautiful mind! Body, Mind and Spirit illustrated by eastern painting of outstretched hand

2013 was also the year ‘The GOODista’ was born – and it gives me great pleasure to wish you a Happy New Year – and thank you for reading and subscribing!The GOODista - lifestyle change for wellness and energy

If you want inspiration – and real hands-on tips – on how to get going with your lifestyle changes, follow The GOODista. Tell me – what is your top resolve is for 2014?

HAPPY NEW YEAR – See you Tomorrow! 

Mind you Brain and your is happy as illustrated by dancing brain in sunglasses