5 Feel Good Tips for the Senses to spring into action for your New You to Feel, Be and Do Good! Taste, Sight, Smell, Touch, and Hearing guide us to new beginnings, growth and change. 

Feel Good Tips: Taste

Feel Good Tip for the senses, of which Taste is key. Illustrated by picture of Tongue and the zones for sweet, bitter, salty.Taste is where we get sour, bitter, salty and sweet from. As sweet as spring is with return of light, so are the temptations. The absolute best way to get into a new you is to cut down on sugar. The better tasting healthier way to get your bit of sweet is natures very own special gift. Honey is the best taste enhancer for your morning bread, tea, salad dressing – and of course to substitute sugar. Honey is famed for its ability to protect your health, and keep your antioxidant levels happy. Dr Pratt from the site SuperfoodsRx says: “honey’s most important health-promoting benefit is its antioxidant ability. We know that daily consumption of honey raises blood levels of protective antioxidants

As we all know refined white Sugar is a no-no, and part of many debates in healthy living circles right now.

Honey is a fantastic superfood in itself, and Manuka Honey is famed for its antibacterial properties, and can even be used to dress wounds. If you suffer from Hay fever, Honey can save the day. Get the most local Honey you can find as it will be naturally contaminated with the pollen from your area. By eating honey you slowly introduce it to your body. You get desensitized, and less sneezes follow!

Enjoy the taste of honey, Honey! 

Feel Good Tips: Sight

Health Matters are also being social, meeting family but means setting heathy boundaries as illustrated by these expressive facesSight is how we look upon our world from the most minute detail, Facebook updates and wonderful landscapes. To protect your eyes is important. Key vision protection is a good pair of Sunglasses, that protect from harmful sun rays. Of course, a decent pair of Sunglasses will cost a bit. Not because they look good (let’s face it – they make you look cool, right?!). But – they should also serve as the No 1 protector against UVA and B – which can severely harm your eyes. Add to that the importance to choose a pair of sunglasses that fit the conditions where you live (Desert or Arctic conditions for example).
Choose with care, and remember that your precious pair should combine looking good with high level lenses that do the work. 

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Feel Good Tips: Smell

Feel Good Tip for the 5 Senses, Smell is illustrated by a Golden Nose.Smell is how we perceive our surroundings through our nose. The receptors inside the nose send signals to our brain, and translate that into ‘good and bad’ smells. “The smell receptors are sensitive to seven types of sensations that can be characterised as camphor, musk, flower, mint, ether, acrid, or putrid“, according to scientificphychic.com.

Feel Good Tip for Smell is that incomparable waft of newly baked bread in the morning. Nothing tastes better than real, whole grain bread. You get Feel Good Tip for Smell is the waft of newly baked bread, illustrated by loaves of brown bread.yourself loaded up on slow burning energy that lasts through the day – which does wonder for your productivity, and overall health. To stay healthy you need to be aware that most shop bought bread is not so good for you. Far better to bake it yourself! For bread lovers that are sensitive to Gluten, you can still get real dark, intense bread – that is like a meal in itself. I warmly recommend this blog with recipe attached: The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread, My New Roots.org.

To get the smell wafting in your house in the morning you can go for the simple solution of getting a Bread Machine that does it all for you. You set it all up in the evening – and wake up to…. Mmm Bread! 

Feel Good Tips: Touch

Feel Good Tip for the Senses, Touch is illustrated by shadow of mans body and a pair of hands against frosted glass.Touch is how we translate things we feel with our body into soft, hard, itchy, and nice. Our skin translates this feeling to our brain as pleasurable, uncomfortable or outright horrible.

Feel Good tip for Touch, is your own skin. To get ready for spring action you need some renovation work, I bet! To shed that layer of winter gloom, a good exfoliation does the trick. You can treat yourself to an all out SPA session, or go for the easy DIY version.

My tip is to combine circulation enhancing daily massage with exfoliation. That is why Dry Brushing is such a hit around the world. It leaves your skin oh! so soft to touch, and you glow! Your cellulite shrink, and your metabolism get enhanced by daily dry brushing, too! It is such a nice new habit to get into and the results are simply stunning. Dry Brushing is definitely no 1 Feel Good tip not to miss out on! 

Feel Good Tips: Hearing

Feel Good Tip for Hearing is illustrated by a Dog with one ear pointed towards a sound.Hearing is the ability to hear vibrations that translate to sounds that you learn to recognise as joyous, happy, angry, irritating and voices that you know to mean something to you. 

In today’s world we are constantly surrounded by sounds that become a cacophony of noise. We are inundated by pings from phones, signals from microwaves, constant chatter on TV and Radio – and at the same time we talk try to have so-called meaningful communication by talking over the noise pollution. 

Feel Good Tip for Hearing is to lock on to the Sound of Silence. Undo the habit of switching on Radio, TV and Stereo as the first thing in the morning. Sit still with a morning brew, and listen – really hear – what the morning is telling you. You will hear birds, foxes, dogs, cats, neighbours and the wonder of humankind in all its funny absurdities. You will hear yourself too, and enable plans to form   for a new good day. Avoiding news stimulus as the first thing is healthy. You need not know about another tragedy just yet. Just enjoy the Sound of Silence and let you day begin with a feeling of Zen

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