Fitness Takeaway is one of many posts on The GOODista about Exercise and Fitness illustrated by Logo with feet in trainers.Fitness Takeaway for an active summer to boost your health and energy levels is what we propose to you this week. To stay in shape, or get fitter, can be a push in the midst of summer excesses. It doesn’t have to be hard! These takeaway exercises and hints will be a sure hit whatever your fitness level is. You don’t need special equipment or a gym. All you need to that wish to Feel, Be And Do Good.

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Fitness Takeaway – Summer Do or Summer Don’t

Heat and basic understanding must come together to avoid feeling bad from too much heat.Summer is the season to fuel up on energy, vitamins, minerals, and light. Summer gives you motivation, and want, to do more. Summer is also a season of excesses. You have a BBQ, another glass of wine, and stay up later. It is easy to be lazy, and say Tomorrow…

Tomorrow never comes when to preventative health. Every day matters. It is the small little things you do that keeps you fit, active and energized. Step by step you build up your immune system, fitness levels, and happiness radiates from within. The feeling of being fit is better than any other!

If you need to get in shape, the best thing is to do a little every day, and build up as you go. Doing too much, too soon will see crashing and you also risk getting injuries. The smart way to get fit is, to be honest with how fit you are now and take it from there. Click on the picture below to get some great tips on how to get your step by step plan going:

Everyday exercise is how to find your move groove from your daily activities. Read more on

Click On Photo For How To Get Fit Tips

For the sedentary person starting with a walk, a day is plenty. This activates your muscles and gets oxygen into body and mind. After about two weeks you can add gentle strength training and Pilates or Yoga to increase flexibility, agility and muscle strength.

To help you do the moves the right way, I recommend getting into what the internet has to offer (see tips below) and also DVDs and Books. Here are some that really inspire (click on the image to find out more from

Fitness Secret

Health, wellness and lifestyle choice not so easy to understand

Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Choice

Sometimes you think of exercise as a chore or a must-do. The approach is not inspiring, and when you feel you are forced into something, the revolutionary thoughts soon fight back. In no time you are back on your sofa, full of great excuses why your health is ‘just fine’. You secretly hold on to your back aches, migraines, and bloated limbs.

Any health check will make you see that all is not fine and that you absolutely need to be your own caretaker. No one will do this for you. Only you can decide the way you want to go on. As much as you protest internally, that first step is worth it. You sleep better, enjoy happier thoughts, have energy over for work and play and most of all start feeling ‘life’ again.

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health. ~ Hippocrates

Weight Loss – A Side Effect

Over the last four years, I have gone from exercise hater to fitness freak. These days I Healthy Living is taking Lifestyle change steps to food, sleep, hydration, and stress reductioncannot go a day without purposefully moving. Before – the mere thought of a walk would have me cringe. My excuse directory was full of priceless words, that I almost believed. Now – 50 kilos less is a side effect that makes it easier to buy clothes and move. The weight loss was never the goal though. I will never ever give up on how I feel inside now: Energy, Wellness, and Joy. I Feel Good! Real Good! And that is also how The GOODista website was born: I aspire to inspire you to Feel, Be and Do Good too 🙂

Fitness Takeaway – How To Stay In Shape

Once you have taken the step beyond the exercise beginner stage, keeping in shape is a question of exploring more. You need to change things up, and not just stay with one type of activity.

Everything you do adds up and your body asks for more to improve. You benefit from a varied fitness menu. Pilates. Strength Training. Interval Running. Resistance Bands. Swimming. Walking. All are part of my activity schedule, and I keep challenging myself. And you’d be amazed how much fitter you can get with just 10 minutes per day – look at these tips: 31 Exercises You Can Do At Home In Just 10 Minutes

Why? Because I can! I love realizing that I am able to do much more than my mind tells me. My head is still in a state of disbelief over how far I have come, and it is hilarious to discover that age is no factor to fitness – but fitness helps you feel (and look) younger.

To keep inspired, you can treat yourself to new sports clothes, fitness equipment and let’s face it: The right outfit makes a difference, as the new materials allow your body to breathe, and doesn’t restrict movement (like an old T-shirt does).  

Summer Takeaway Fitness  

To begin your fitness activities your best place to look is on the internet. Especially if you will be traveling, are based in a remote duty station or camped away in a cottage somewhere. The GOODistas’ go-to Fitness guru, Dave Smith, has made all the research and has 50 top sites for your fitness. Check them out, and choose what suits you. Click on the image below, and get your takeaway fitness tips: 

Fitness Takeaway resources in this great site :

Check Out the 50 Best Free Online Workout Resources Here ( Copyright:

Download, upload, take them anywhere. Activate your summer and gain more energy, radiate from a healthy glow, and be in full readiness mode for your new season. Full of get-go and health – that is the New You. 

Fitness Takeaway Success – Step By Step

Fitness takeaway is your recipe for success. A little – every day – gets you there. Your summer can get your ready to tackle what lies ahead.

Fitness and exercise are essential. What you eat is also key to a healthier new you. I don’t believe in diets. They are short-sighted. Real nutrition comes from real, clean food. If you want to know more about the Clean Food Revolution, and how to get started – sign up to The GOODista for heads up on recipes, posts, and updates about how to match your exercises plan with a long-term way to think about food. 🙂


Fitness Takeaway inspiration with quote: If we did all the things we are capable of we would literally astound ourselves.Summer should be about fun, enjoyment, adventure, travel, family time and relationships. Summer can easily turn into more woes than wows, so plan well. It is not always a question of money or time – more about commitment to spend what little you have on lasting lifestyle changes.

You can make yourself a better you this summer. A new you that people enjoy being with. A healthier person, that glows with new resolve, and inspires others to get cracking too. 

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