Health matters when we no longer have it. Health matters when we have it – we choose to continue a life of energy, joy, vitality and balance. Health matters every day of our everyday life. Yet – ‘life’ and time get in the way. What happens if we ignore health matters? How can we get a healthy balance back, and save ‘life’ and time? Knowing how to tackle Health Matters is important. Here are 10 tips that can literally save your life – and win back precious time from your busy life. 

Health Matters and this diagram shows the factors of HealthDo you have time for Health Matters?

Health Matters - and exercise is key Illustrated by people practicing Pilates / Yoga.Health Matters are the last thing on our mind, until it becomes the primary. Health matters when you do not have it – and then becomes a vital choice. Health matters when we have it, and feel it draining because of external factors – and don’t want to lose it. 

Time and time again, we feel squeezed when we think we don’t have choices.  Our system is out of balance. ‘Life’ and time seems to run away with our free will. ‘Life’ and time seem to rob us of what matters most – our health. 

Health Matters out of balance 

Healthy Living is taking Lifestyle change steps to food, sleep, hydration, and stress reductionWhat happens if we ignore body or mind – and the basic needs of both body and mind? If our body systems are not in balance, our health may be at risk. The foundation of good health is keeping all body systems in balance. This means making choices that keep our body systems free of toxins, and all levels balanced through optimum nutrition, exercise, rest and clear thoughts. The choice is called healthy living and the result is wellness.

If you don’t have time to look after the basic needs of your body and mind, consider that you may actually not have time not to live healthy. It is a vital choice – a life choice – a key choice for the rest of your life. 

Health Matters – When things go wrong

How Health Matters can save time and life, Human Body Systems interact to create balance in your body and mindOur body systems interact and are dependant of each other. If one system is running on low it will impact another – and the whole body system suffers as a result. The result can be ill-health, and clear to see. It is often hard to understand where the lack of balance comes from. It can take show itself in various ways.

Examples of a Body and/or Mind out of balance: (Click links for detailed information)

Health Matters – Why things go wrong

The lifestyle choices we make are responsible for an out-of-balance body and mind.

Examples of such lifestyle choices are: (Click links for detailed information)Health Matters illustrated by a heart made of vegetables

Bad lifestyle choices contribute to bad health. Stress and negative attitude towards life create dysfunctional relationships – at home and at work.  It’s a bad cycle that needs to be broken. How do you get focused on health matters when ‘life’ and time seems to stand in the way?  

Health Matters – 10 Tips How to Balance Life and Time

Healthy living is a balancing act between time and life needsGetting back to balanced levels means understanding more about the body and mind functions, what it needs, and how to feed it with nutrition, oxygen, fluids, rest, relaxation and challenges. It all means making some active choices and changes. Small steps that make a big difference.

10 Top Tips How to get Balance:

  • Health: Get real about eating, drinking and exercising AND enjoy food, rest, make sure not to deprive yourself of treats too. (dark chocolate! Yum!)
  • Mindfulness: Read and research things that make you think. Challenge your brain with mind games (Sudoku, Crosswords). AND make room for ‘me-time’ to relax. Allow your mind to drift in a scented bath; have breakfast in bed; or watch trash TV (whatever make you relaxed?!). 
  • Emotional Wellbeing“Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones Health Matters illustrated by cartoon superhero indicating need to love oneselfwho receive it.”Karl A. Menninger said. Fill your heart with goodness, love and positive thoughts. AND – Work on getting negativity out – and make it into constructive plans instead. You are not a victim – but an Action Super Wo/Man!
  • Work: Get results in a planned way and push yourself to achieve goals. Find the bigger picture – the mission, the vision and become part of it. AND set boundaries for working hours and make time for you. Even if you have a full-on career job where many depend on you, you will only continue to perform if you take time out every day. Also – take a good look at the work that you do, and the impact it has on you and others. Find a way forward. Stay and persevere with new resolve – or – Look for new career challenges, that can satisfy what you are looking for. This needs a plan too πŸ™‚ 
  • Health Matters are also being social, meeting family but means setting heathy boundaries as illustrated by these expressive facesSocial: Be the Social Bee and have fun. Enjoy that for sure! AND make time for β€˜me-time’ too. Cut out social media at intervals, and create a space where you can think, reflect and make plans.
  • Family: Family responsibilities matter greatly, and you should strive to fulfil these with meaningful conversations, communication and quality time. AND make sure you set healthy boundaries. These are as important to make sure the you have a healthy ongoing relationship.
  • Vacation: Find time for ‘time-off’! Relax, recharge, talk, and rest. AND as long as you enjoy it – great! Overdoing can be very un-funny though. Time needs to be tamed, so you can have time for what you and your loved one(s) really enjoy. Vacation means vacating your mind, and recharging the batteries. That is key to a Signal to change lifestyle, time to relax illustrated by man lying on books with clock saying relax timehealthy balance. If holidays become a rushed affair of family must-dos and forced β€˜fun’ the health effect can be contrary to what was intended.
  • Time to tame Time: Make time work AND work time effectively. All of the above has an impact on time, and planning becomes key. Not all can be planned – but more than you think can. It starts with a smart plan.

I am sure you see the balancing act of these tips as well. The ‘AND’ marks the balance point. Finding both sides of the coin how you move forward. How you find balance.

Health Matters and Life Balance illustrated by Man lying on sofa balancing pillows on his footOnce you come to terms with the fact that changing lifestyle is a vital choice – the balancing act becomes more easy to deal with. It all comes down to re-organization , time Better of Worse you decide at the switch of a button as illustrated to indicate that you can change your, and finding the ways that work for you and your life’s realities.

It is not as simple as going on a diet – but when long-lasting vital health is what you want – it becomes very doable. Motivation, goals and a smart plan is the way to get there. Energy, wellness and feeling good are actual results – and a sense of overall balance.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The GOODista - lifestyle change for wellness and energyHow do you feel about this challenge? Can you do it? Sure – one step at a time, and following methods that make sense. Follow The GOODista and see the recommendations and tools that work when finding equilibrium is what you seek. 

Health Matters – Vital Resources

To help you on your way with getting to grips with Health Matters, here is a list of the best resources The GOODista has found on-line:

why lifestyle changes? one step starts a health process illustrated by Newtons cradle.

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