The GOODista - lifestyle change for wellness and energyFeel, Be and Do Good is our motto! The GOODista inspires you to wellness and energy everyday at home – and when working away in humanitarian aid. 
Ever felt like you were ‘doing good’ by supporting others – and ‘being good’ because of it – but not ‘feeling good’ yourself?

The GOODista is here to inspire

The GOODista is about change, and the ability to make a difference for yourself, not others this time – but you. Small lifestyle changes can become life altering. After many years in a full-on career job, I have become a fitness foodie, a mindful lifestyle change devotee, and an energetic lively person again. I have started a business to inspire others to find wellness again. I aspire to inspire you to Feel Good, Be Good and Do Good! Aha moment illustrated by lightbulb

Lifestyle change sounds so radical. In reality it is about taking a decision that you are worth more. Tweaking how you eat, move, sleep, and ‘relax’. Small steps that lead to one big change. It is about setting some simple lifestyle health goals every day, and actually doing something for you – not others – just you. You decide, you choose. It’s your life after all.

The GOODista – The site

This website and blog is intended as an inspiration for everyday. Especially if you are based in a remote location, working as a humanitarian, contractor, UN / NGO employee, The GOODista is here - Field focustransport provider or if you spend time away down-line – you may want to read on. Wellness is the goal. To get there you need to get – or maintain – a level of fitness through food, exercise, mindfulness, sleep and stress reduction. Can you do that in your everyday life, and / or if you work remotely in a challenging environment?  A few clever tips go a long way. 

The GOODista site – colour coded

The GOODista set is divided into colour coded sections. Blue for lifestyle change; Green for Food; Yellow for Exercise & Health, and Red for Field Focus. The overall theme is to Feel Good – Be Good – and Do Good – today and everyday; and  The Feel Good section will guide you through getting started with your wellness goals in food, fitness, mindfulness and most of all to get inspired. The Be Good section is methods, tips, recommendations and hints of how to keep and maintain your wellness everyday. The Do Good section is especially for remote locations, challenging environments, and those working on the humanitarian front lines.

The GOODista – About

lifestyle change, live now, take charge, signal to change by signs telling you to take charge of your lifeThe GOODista was born during a morning walk, when I was thinking about how good life felt. I wanted to share that feeling, and inspire others to feel the same. After years of burning my life from both ends, I had enough of doing everything for everyone else.  I took a decision to change – for me. No diet – and no fitness fads. I read a lot, and thought carefully how to make this become real life style changes. It started with small changes to food, exercise, sleep, drink and me-time. Small steps became a chain of events that changed every aspect of my life. Finally, I realised that the lifestyle changes had become new habits. 

The GOODista name comes from my motto: Feel GOOD, Be GOOD, Do GOOD. WordPress provided the outlet to share my aspiration to inspire. WPengine powers this site – quality and security at every step!

 The GOODista is here – inspiration for everyday and work away

Lifestyle changes for wellness and energy – inspiration for everyday and work away. That is what The GOODista is about. Lifestyle changes you can do – not diets oHappy Healthy peopler fads – but real tweaks to food, exercise, mindset, stress level and time. Excuses, time pressures, competing deadlines and conflicting situations provide challenges that can be beaten.  A decision to take a first step, the setting of lifestyle health goals , and the realisation that this is an investment for life. 

Welcome to this website and blog. Follow The GOODista, get inspired, enjoy doing some changes at your own pace – get energised and start a path towards wellness. This is your decision, your choice. It’s your life after all!

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

– Amelia Earhart

The GOODista is here - Path through green forest lane

Welcome to The GOODista

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