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Positive Energy boosts wellbeing and makes you glow with health. Your positive vibes impact everyone around you. The more you give — the more you get back. Positive and negative are opposites. In the middle is a grey nothing-zone that makes things ‘just so’. Aim for a good day every day, and challenge yourself to get on the positive side of that grey middle zone. You can control your energy flows. Knowing more about what charges negative and positive energy makes a difference as we saw in Part 1: How to Change Your Energy Flows and Take Charge.

Getting on the right side of greyness boosts you wellbeing – and impacts others. Positive energy that radiates inwards and outwards. Read about how you can boost your energy, and change how others interact and feel positive too. 

Positive Energy Boosters

Positive Energy starts with a decision to weed out what is not working for you, and going into your day with a smile. Make your home your castle of ‘goodness’. You choose who you invite to your house, right? Well – the same principal works for boosting of positive energy. Invite the Good, and boot out the Bad 🙂

Postive Energy Tips

Enjoy these tips – please feel free to comment, like and share. 

  • Working Away Relationship can be a Partnership and part of that is solving practical issues as illustrated by this box with To Do wordsOrganise your immediate surroundings. Be it your house or your office, make sure everything has its place. An organised space makes for an organised mind, and makes things so much clearer. 
  • Get back into routine to help your mood. Your body and mind work well if you eat, sleep, and exercise regularly and at the same times every day. The internal clock gets reset and that boosts the mood levels too. 
  • Food Groupie is a healthy, balanced, feel good person that knows to eat from the five food groups as illustrated by this collage of healthy foodsFood logistics is my word for rethinking how you eat, and shop. Your newly organised kitchen will have a space for good natural foods that nourish your body with essentials such as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Clear away the processed junk foods and get cracking with real, healthy foods that nourish body and mind. Good energy comes from within, and a healthy inside is a very good start.
  • Footwear matters for your training as illustrated by this running figureExercise every day. If you start you day with a walk – just around the block to start off with – you will be taken by surprise how that changes your mood. The oxygen fills your lungs, and your body and mind respond. Energy flows back into you, and as a result positive vibes radiate from you.
  • Mindfulness is the art of taking every moment and appreciating food, Good Rest is also less stress, as illustrated by this frog in a zen pose.nature, the people we meet and look at the whole picture – rather than a small piece that isn’t right. Finding the good in every moment is a way of weeding out the black and inviting colour into your life. Books that make you feel good; a chat with a good friend; a visit to a place that has special meaning – all those are mindfulness moments that invite feelings of being in a ‘zen’ place.  
  • Decide what you will be affected by. If you constantly have a radio or news on – chances are that the bad will enter your house too. A very interesting article by Shawn Achor, expert on the connection between happiness and success; author of the best-selling “The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness“. He says: 

Reducing negative and excess noise allows you to focus on and create a positive reality, one in which you can imagine and attain positive results in work and life.

Positive Energy Boosting Tips

  • Good Rest is part of getting a healthier life, and saying stop and setting boundaries is key. Illustrated by a Stop Sign.Reduce the negative noise by turning off the news unless you have decided to contribute and volunteer to a given disaster.
  • Turn off the car radio at least for the first five to ten minutes, especially in city traffic.
  • Mute the TV or radio if someone is talking to you – constantly talking over background noise makes conversations unclear, and often misunderstood. 
  • Healthy Living or Lifestyle change need? Man holding his ears to illustrate excusesTurn down your internal negative tunes too – the internal worries infect you, and impact your surrounding. A tip is to make a to-do list of the things you want to achieve in your day, and add to this list things that make you feel positively about your day. Researchers from the University of Chicago, have found that by focusing on the positive the negative gets tuned down and out.
  • Choose your words. Consciously decide to not use ‘horrible’, ‘terrible’, ‘stupid’, ‘silly’ about something or somebody. Negative words invite negative responses – as does gossip, laughing about someones’ misfortune Change Reaction can be to inspire change in others illustrated by man helping another up a hilland stereotyping. If you think you might be carrying negative around read this article on “How Negative Energy Affects Your Life and How to Clear it” and take the test. I bet you will change your tune 🙂 .
  • Good energy comes from good company too. Some people just bring you down, so either you go away – or – be a friend and gently explain that they may need help with their depression, anxiety or ask them to bring up what the real issue is. It is better to have it out in the air, than passive aggressive churning all day. Get it out there! 
  • 6 signals calling for lifestyle change illustrated by a solution coach approach - man and woman fishing for solutionsMoody, grumpy, sulky – all those emotion words ending in a ‘y’ – can be turned into happy, easy, funny. The emotional blackmail, hormone wars, teenage / menopausal ups and down are all understandable. Make it easier for the person in front of you by being open, clear and matter-of-fact instead of the ‘cloak and dagger’ approach, as most people are not mind readers.
  • Healthier Life by the 5 x 5 Success plan. Lifestyle changes are a good feeling - illustrated by happy face road signSometimes you need to just stop and think. Maybe you need time just for you to do things you enjoy. A time to re-focus, create, re-charge your batteries. Me-Time brings in so much good positive energy that it literally vibrates!
  • Smile. It sounds so simple, but can be hard. By making that upwards movement with your lips, and actually letting it reach your eyes, you will get such a different reaction from your surroundings. Your positive vibes reverberate right back. 

Positive Energy Onwards and Forwards

Your energy levels impact others just as much as the vibes you sense from them. As such being clear, open and simple in your communication invites an understanding. It creates flow between people on a different level.  When the flow is open – positivity is present. You talk, communicate and relate to each other, and slowly negativity leaves the room.

Feel Good Tip for Hearing is illustrated by a Dog with one ear pointed towards a sound.Children and Pets can teach us a lot. Only when they are not feeling well physically will they starts their day in a sad way. Challenge yourself to start you day with a smile. Get organised, weed out the small irritants, a bad nights sleep, or the milk you forgot to buy – and head into the day dealing with issues, looking at the new angle, and taking a walk on the plus side.

Step by step lifestyle changes will help boost your basic energy levels. Help is available if you need it. Make your day count for you – and the day, and those around you will shine back at you. Sign up and get inspired to feel, be and do good every day and working (far) away. 

What are your best tips for bringing in the positive? Comments are welcome – and make The GOODista better.

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