Wrinkles tell a story. You have lived, loved, cried, grieved and laughed. The good truth is that you have life experience. The bad wrinkle truth is a sign of doubtful skin care, sun exposure, dehydration, lack of nutrition, chronic stress, anxiety, and illness. Anti Ageing is the art of ageing naturally, healthily and enjoy your life's ride as illustrated by this roadmap to longevity. Read more on thegoodista.comThe ugly wrinkle truth is when we consider aging a problem, and attack wrinkles wrongly and get terrible results. If you enjoyed the first installment in this series: How Anti-Ageing Naturally Is a Lifestyle you will appreciate this post.

Wrinkles: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Here The GOODista looks at how to gently accept, and take care of wrinkles. Get wrinkle reducing lifestyle tips that make a big difference for a healthy natural aging process – and fab recommendations for skin care and products.

Read about how the essential way to good wrinkle care is understanding how to improve hydration, food, fitness, and mindfulness. The combination of great products and lifestyle changes work! The effect is that you glow with a healthier lifestyle – and take years off.

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Wrinkles – A Sign of Life

A wrinkle is a fold, ridge or crease in the skin, that typically appear in your early 30s as a result of the natural aging process. The skin gets less elastic, and can’t bounce back in the same way. Take a look at this article: How to read your wrinkles – and see what your lines tell you. 

Wrinkles tell how you live and if you have a health issue. This image looks at the most common lines and wrinkles. Photo from: http://www.love-yourself-naturally.com/

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Wrinkles can also develop as a result of facial expressions – you laugh, frown and pull your eye brows up. Did you know though that your sleeping position, loss of weight, sun exposure can impact the wrinkles too? And – more dramatically poor hydration, lack of exercise, the quality of foods, smoking and alcohol has a very strong impact on skin and wrinkles.

Wrinkles: A Life ‘Well’ Lived

Wrinkles tell a story of a life 'well' lives. This image show woman peeling off age. Picture found of Pinterest.comWrinkles are an expression of a life well lived. The question is what ‘well’ is – do we age healthily, or do we maximize to the extent that we ultimately shorten our lifespan?

Your wrinkles show your life story, and I would not be without mine. They show my many laughing days, and also the harder ones. 

The amazing realization that I look younger now than 10 years ago, only dawned on me when I looked at pictures. 10 years ago my stressful career and bad habits showed on my face – whereas now lifestyle changes have changed not only how I feel but also the way I look. I seem to have fewer wrinkles now than 10 years ago. Is that possible?

Wrinkles – The Good Truth

We all have wrinkles. You are not alone, and whether you like it or not they will continue to develop as you age. Growing older, wiser and (hopefully) more mature is a good truth.

This is a privilege denied to many. You have the luxury of choice to change your lifestyle and skin care.

The good wrinkles follow your smile and frame your face without dragging it down. The more you maintain a healthy lifestyle, (check the tips below) and look after your skin the better you feel and look. There are some really good tips and products that help moisturize and feed your face and body.

Wrinkles in this quote from Diane von Furstenburg.

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Wrinkle Reducing Hints and Products

  • Always use a factor 50 if you expose yourself to the sun, and avoid lying in it during the suns highest hours (11 am – 3 pm). For sunscreen look for Banana Boat – highly recommended by US and Canadian skin cancer foundations. 
  • Make sure that your day cream includes a sun protection factor over 15, as the sun gets to you even when you are not on the beach. 
  • Wash off your make up every night and cleanse, moisture and feed your skin.
  • If you have a sleeping position that pushes on your face, consider changing sleeping position or get a satin/silk pillow case as this is less harsh.
  • Reduce your indoor temperature, as it dries out the skin, as explained here by WebMD: Skin Care to Prevent Wrinkles.
  • Get reading glasses, or check your eyesight. Wrinkle fighter: Reading glasses as seen in this picture. Unnecessary headaches – and wrinkles come from vanity and bad eyesight. I get mine online from Amazon
  • Use the best products your budget can allow and look at the research done for your product. Use the right cream for the right age, i.e. years of scientific know-how has gone into creams, lotions, and serum and are aimed at improving collagen and skin age so choose wisely– and look for AHA, Vitamin C, and Retinol. I love Clarin’s Extra Firming range, Nivea Q10, and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Firming Lotion. 
  • Exfoliate weekly Wrinkle fighter: body brush daily! A great one in this picture.and use a body brush daily.

Wrinkles – The Bad Truth

Your lifestyle will reveal itself in many ways. Lifestyle is the broader sense is not a diet or fad. It is the stress that you get affected by, how much you sleep you get, what you eat, drink, and smoking. Ask yourself how much exercise you do. How do you deal with illness, and could you have prevented it through a healthier way of life?

A healthy lifestyle is also about learning to accept what is, and dealing with life as it comes. Overall when you respect what is the essence of life, and how Mother Nature can be your friend – then you’re promoting wellness and your overall look will glow with it too. Here below are some ways to get on the right track.

Wrinkle Reducing Lifestyle Tips

Wrinkles – The Ugly Truth

No cream, potion or lifestyle change will take away your wrinkles for good. If that is an ugly Wrinkles treated wrongly in this picture, article found on http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/stars-age-badly-gallery-1.34252truth for some, well – that is simply a fact of life.

The real ugly truth is that many preys upon those who somehow think that signs of aging are a terrible thing. Products that do more bad than good, operations that are not needed, and plastic surgeons that give advice that have no connection with real medical issues.

Products that do more bad than good, operations that are not needed, and plastic surgeons that give advice that have no connection with real medical issues.

When we start to mess with nature, it tends to fight back. Unless you have a real medical issue, that a Doctor can confirm – you are far better off choosing great skin products, and a healthier lifestyle. We have one body and I think we should choose to love it rather than fall prey for breast implants, processed food, wrinkle fillers including Botox, and other aggressive ‘beauty’ treatments

Wrinkles: Wellness, Energy, and Looks

Aging naturally with mindful respect for what we have been given is a great starting point. 

To look younger than your years is all about keeping a healthy lifestyle, understanding of some basic facts about body and mind – and most of all an attitude. Wrinkles - A good life lived well is illustrated by a happy lady with sunglasses with quote from Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon. Read the full post on thegoodista.com

If you feel that your face is telling you a story that you do not like, step-by-step lifestyle changes will energize you, increase wellness and generate balanced interaction between body, mind, and spirit. You will Feel, Be and Do Good – and get compliments too. Tip: Try our Coaching services

I can vouch for how well I feel, the energy gained, and the overall wellness. Healthy lifestyle changes have made me look younger now than 10 years ago – and I like it! What are some tips you can share with us?

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