Why should you age-proof yourself? Successful aging is not something you think about when you’re 20 or 30 – but once you hit mid-life it dawns upon you as wrinkles and age-related ailments become apparent. Age proof yourself with 30 Tips on how to make a difference to how you feel today — and tomorrow. This post follows Part 1 where we looked at what science says about physical and biological development in adulthood. The impact of not doing something will hit home when you see the irrefutable facts research provides. Ask yourself how you have been leading your life up to now. Is there anything you could do differently? The good news is that it is never too late. Every step counts, and make a big difference. 

In this post, we give you hands-on tips on how you can age-proof yourself against common ailments, dry skin, fatigue, stress and fear of memory loss. We also explore the common myths that surround aging and inspire you to keep ’em guessing. Your age is not the telltale sign for how you should or will feel. Your attitude, healthy lifestyle and glow will. Try a few of our 30 age-proofing tips. They will make you feel fabulous — and look younger — at any age.

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Age Proof Yourself: Successful Ageing

Why do some live longer than others? Sure – they have good genes — but looking at what some of the world’s oldest humans share makes you realize that DNA isn’t everything.

The long-livers have the following in common

  • Develop a positive attitude about life and set no limit on how long they think they may live.
  • Follow a mainly plant-based diet very low if not devoid of animal foods.
  • They knowingly or unknowingly eat a calorie restriction diet.
  • Follow a spiritual practice or believe in a higher power.
  • Regularly use local superfoods and/or adaptogenic herbs.
  • Engage in an active lifestyle.

Lifestyle Factors

Do you share these lifestyle practices too — or can you change what you’re currently doing? You may not be interested in changing your ways, and think that longevity is based on fate. Well, — making the most of our days is something that rings true for many, and if a few tweaks here and there could inject, even more, I am all for it.

What you need to grasp perhaps that I am not talking about some crazy diet, nor an intense fitness fad. Do you like good, nutritious food? And – how about a walk in the sunshine? And – while you’re out you may just appreciate sitting on a bench for while to savor the moment? These are excellent starting steps to get clean food, exercise, and mindfulness into your life. 

Vitality is having the capacity to live and grow, or physical or mental energy or strength. It also has the general meaning of “life force,” as in the mysterious power that separates the living from the dead. Luckily it also means that you can find the strength to move forward, and start over. You seek life and find the force from healthy lifestyle changes you decide on.

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Research agrees that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. Some important anti-aging factors include to eat clean, drink plenty of water, exercise and practice of mindfulness. These are relatively easy to control. Other factors are equally as important and play a role too. They are however less easy to control.  

Well-being and Satisfaction Factors

Well-being and feelings of satisfaction are key to a healthy lifestyle too. When looking at adult life — love and work are defining themes.

Finding love is often a struggle in your 20s, while in your 30s you strive for commitment. Keeping love and commitment can be challenging, and once you hit your 40s and 50s these are common topics of conversation, right? In your 60s, 70s, and 80s you may go through the very difficult experience of losing a beloved partner. Evolutionary psychologists believe that commitment has survival value. Love isn’t a controllable factor per se, but you can work on commitment and communication with your loved ones. 

Happiness also stems from working in a job that fits your interests and provides you with a sense of competence and accomplishment. Finding a professional goal, and keeping up the ambition coupled with the challenges this brings is defining for most adults. Read below how to deal with work context and content, which impacts your overall job satisfaction.

If you’re looking to improve, or change, your career — talking to a career coach can give you new motivation and start-over tips Coaching  

Can You Age Proof Yourself?

While the biological, physical and physiological changes occur throughout life, we can pick up smart tips that counteract the natural progress within our human body systems. Attitude, healthy lifestyle and active intellectual stimulus are all controllable and are also called secondary aging factors

The 7 most common factors in premature aging according to the American Fitness Professionals research are Attitude; Smoking and Drinking; Exposure; Nutrition; Weight; Choices (unhealthy ones) and Stress. The 8 most common areas of age-related change are Brain; Bones and Joints; Eyes and Ears; Digestion and Metabolism; Urogenital; Dental; Skin and Functional Abilities. 

Let’s deal with what you can change, and how to move forward with a plan that works for you.  Take a look at our 30 tips on how you can age-proof yourself. 

If you want to beat the clock, look younger and feel full of energy, vigor and positivity you can actively make a decision to change. We give you hints on how to tackle the most common age-related health issues, waist spread, and fatigue. On the other hand — you might just say that you’ve heard it all before, and nothing helps against wrinkles, ailments and memory loss. Hmm… In this case, the attitude suggestions are probably the first thing you should read about below. 

30 Tips How To Age Proof Yourself 

The GOODista gives you tips grouped into easy-to-understand target areas. Read them and see what you think you may be able to work on. To age proof, yourself makes sense, whenever you start. It is never too late to start, nor to early as some aging factors start in the late 20s to become more apparent in middle-age.  Do you want to feel, be and do good to have the energy for all challenges — and fun that comes with life?

Fitness, Stamina, and Strength: Decline in strength, muscle tone, stamina, and muscle-fat ratio can be slowed down if you maintain a regular fitness regime. It also helps to keep a balanced sleep cycle and healthy body weight.

  • Walk 10,000 steps a day minimum. Every step counts and getting a pedometer helps you keep track, and also motivates you to keep on moving.  I love my Fitbit Alta, and my husband swears by his Garmin.
  • Get into Pilates or Yoga for flexibility and core strength. It is important to have both strength training for muscle time, as well as cardio for endurance and stamina. All training should be followed by stretching for flexibility. You can get DVDs or download them and do exercises at home to start off with. A gym membership is worth every penny, as you will get access to motivating trainers, equipment and gym buddies of all ages. 
  • Get used to going to sleep at the same time, and waking up at the same time. Sleep is when body and mind recovers, regenerates new cells and recharges all systems. 7- 9 hours of sleep is recommended for adults.  

Metabolism, Food and Drink: To have a healthy diet is important at any age. With increasing age, however, the metabolism slows down. To keep energetic, healthy and prevent common diseases balancing our diet makes sense. Hydration plays such an important role in how your food is digested, and your overall ability to flush out waste. What you drink is of course also a factor. 

  • Eat natural, unprocessed or so-called rainbow foods.  Digestion, metabolic changes, and urogenital issues can be greatly improved if you learn how clean eating keeps you healthier. Avoid foods/drinks that spike your blood sugar. This includes sodas, white bread, sweets, all processed foods, and most alcohol.
  • Drink a minimum of 1,5 liters of water per day, and include green tea, matcha, and raw juices too. Keep alcohol to a minimum.
  • Start your day with an acid such as freshly squeezed lemon, apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice. Think of this as your prevention to urine infection, cleansing, and daily vitamin C booster.
  • Practice portion control, especially after your 50s as the metabolism slows down. As you get older Omega 3, Vitamin D, Calcium and other vitamins and minerals play an increasingly important role. Get your health check-up to find out what your needs are and adjust with food — rather than will supplements if possible. 
  • Reducing sugar and salt is equally important and a challenge for many. However, to keep your dishes balanced and yummy you can use honey or dried fruits in cooking, rather than sugar — and anchovies paste, sundried tomatoes or soya sauce instead of salt.

Exposure, Wrinkles, and Circulation: Your skin becomes more apparently aged as exposure to sun, cold and environmental stresses take their toll. To move, moisturize and keep your circulation going are essential, as is a healthy diet. Protecting ourselves against sun rays is essential to avoid skin cancer. In cold weather, we need proper clothing, gloves, and shoes to protect joints, bones, and help. 

  • Slow tissue oxidation with antioxidants. What happens to an apple if you cut it and leave it? It turns brown, right? That is oxidation—the same thing that happens to your tissues and organs unless you add antioxidants in the form of plenty of fruits and vegetables. 
  • To have a regular fitness schedule with aerobic and anaerobic exercises built in promotes circulation, makes you glow inside and out, and carries numerous anti-aging health benefits.
  • Use moisturizers to feed the skin. Men too need it – for more read here. Exfoliate and use a cream for the face, body and more exposed parts such as knees, feet, and hands. Make sure to choose known brands, and an age-appropriate ones as the skin’s needs changes with age. Always protect yourself against sun exposure. Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with at least SPF 30.
  • Cold and damp weather requires thinking too. Use protective clothing, beyond the standard coat. Get the new materials that ward off humidity. If there are snow and ice, forget vanity and wear appropriate shoes to avoid bone breaks and nasty falls. 
  • Circulation makes blood flow and promotes healthy skin. In addition to exercise, a daily body brushing will see you glow, and feel (and look) much better as it promotes skin regeneration and circulation.
  • Enjoy saunas and steam baths that help you metabolically increases circulation, as well as deep-cleanses you. Always moisturize afterward. 

Memory, Cognition, and Stress: The brain is capable of producing new brain cells at any age, so significant memory loss is not an inevitable result of aging. But just as it is with muscle strength, you have to use it or lose it. Your lifestyle, health habits, and daily activities have a huge impact on the health of your brain. Stress can impact your life, and the premature aging process too. The impact of chronic stress can result in anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. It can also contribute to health conditions such as depression, obesity, and heart disease. 

  • Be socially active, participate in cultural events, read books, take part in voluntary work, take up a hobby. In other words: balance your life so you can keep a healthy work-life schedule. This also includes parenthood, domestic chores, and retirement. You deserve to have what is ‘just yours’, and will keep your mind/body balanced and you will be a happier person.
  • Do crossword puzzles, sudoku and mind teasers to keep your memory activated.
  • Deal with health issues and get regular check-ups. Address life events, and don’t pretend your emotions will go away by themselves. Do not hesitate to seek counseling when you need it. If you feel that your memory or cognition — or that of a loved one — is faltering know to seek help
  • Explore your world. Travel to see, learn and absorb as much as you can. Get to know your town, and your country — you will be surprised how much you do not know.  This will enhance your ability to not judge, to accept and open your mind, and create beautiful memories for life.
  • Practice empathy and use your experience to reach out to others. This improves your relationships and will come back to you when you need it.  
  • Practice mindfulness and learn how to be emotionally intelligent to ward off stress, and enable a greater sense of calm and wellbeing.
  • Step up your stress reduction by balancing work and life. Digital detox is an important part of this. Many are confused about work-rated stress. Knowing the difference between work context and work content related stress will help you find coping mechanisms or chose to opt for new career options
  • To keep up with technology and social media developments allows you to continue to develop your mind, fun and have conversations across the generations. Stay with it and take part! 

Positive Thinking, Attitude, and Commitment: Facial expression, wrinkles, and anxiety related illness is often a result of a negative attitude or relationship challenges. Mood disorder and depression are serious and difficult to deal with, and in itself, a positive attitude is said to impact longevity and vitality. A relationship that thrives keep you balanced, happy and is said to prolong life.

  • Make room for Me- and We-time. As much as you need time for just ‘you,’ make sure to have real time with your closest family. Do not let the social craziness, and domestic must-dos, take over from just being together. Go for a picnic, camp away, or have a regular meal together. Keep it digital free and talk, play and enjoy your family time.  
  • Look for the good and consider problems as challenges. A positive outlook does so much to keep your vitality and contributes towards longevity.
  • Learn from those that have gone before you, and keep studying through life. Keeping up with world events, scientific discoveries, and topics that interest you will challenge you intellectually and keep you fresh in mind and body too. This will not only keep your mind moving but also improve attitude and positivity. Read: How Anti-Ageing Naturally is a Lifestyle
  • Let go and move on. To worry about what is not done, or what can happen will drive you downwards. Make a daily to-do list of your basic chores and tick them off. 
  • Deal with bureaucratic issues before they become looming deadlines, and consult experts if you have tricky administrative tasks. 
  • Start your day with a smile. This may sound crazy, but it makes your day different in a good. Try it: Smile at yourself in the mirror and let the smile shine through to your eyes — say – “I Am fab!” 
  • Spend time with people that energize you, and let go of the doom-gloom-ers, as positive energy is contagious and negativity poisonous. 
  • Share your joys — just as much as you happily talk about the bad weather, terrible waiters, and aching joints. In other words — invoke happy thoughts in others, which makes you much more easy to be with too. Never give anyone the excuse to call you an ‘old’ grump!

Age Proof Yourself to Avoid The Myths

Do you think that 40 is the new 20, and 50 the new 30? Or is 70 the new 50? There is a youth fixation in the western world. Society tends to lure us into thinking about our age in a negative way. For women, it generally starts around 30, though it can be earlier. Men aren’t immune either. In sports, they are often considered “old” by their late 20s. 

In Scandinavia women around 50 are often referred to as ‘tant’ which loosely translates to ‘auntie’. With this labeling, many suggestions and jokes are often made to insinuate how a woman should dress (no leather trousers), do their hair (no coloring)! And how to behave (no rave, please). Overall – a rather crude way to instill a shaking of mid-life confidence. 

The lack of self-esteem hits full on because of society’s emphasis on youthfulness and physical appearances. It is also a sexist double standard as men who are greying are perceived as distinguished, mature, and sexy, while women are viewed as being over the hill or past their prime. The reality of actual physical changes does little to help you avoid a midlife crisis. 

The way to deal with such prejudice, and so-called ‘jokes’ is to do what you like to do. To age proof, yourself helps you ward off the most obvious signs of aging. Keep ’em guessing! 

Age Proof Yourself to Feel, Be and Do Good

You age proof yourself to have energy, prevent diseases, feel, be and do good every day. It comes with the added bonus of looking great — whatever your age is. 

That we want to look younger and be elastic in body and mind is certainly something we recognize from media and advertising. However, the more life you add to your day — also pays as it adds days to your life.

Aging is only scary if we treat it that way. Experience gives you the power and confidence to be you. You know how to judge a given situation, or event. You have seen it before, or know enough to think again. The more days you have (and knowledge) allows you to make informed choices. To age proof, yourself makes sense when you learn why and how. I certainly do not want to be younger in years again. My lifestyle helps me to remain energetic, full of life and my life experience allows for empathy, judgment, and ability to know what I want. What do you think? 

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